My ex Boyfriend didn't tell me he was a Jehovah's witness until...

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    You feel sorry for him because he established an emotional connection with you. If you think logically you'll see clearly that he wanted your sex, money and another nocth on his belt. He is a pig no matter what religion he's a part of. If you want to be a slave to men just keep studying and another man who is indoctrinated in the male cult will subject you to his "Headship" and you will be a slave once more. OPEN YOUR EYES AND KEEP THEM OPENED. Don't pursue this cult religion. It is not woman friendly. Good luck. W.Once

  • CandleSurgeon

    I have learnd in my life that human nature needs to be free and can not be captivated.

    I feel the same about my life, keeping this view for your life is impossible as a JW. You have no doubt met many kind people at the KH who seem to truely care about you. Some do, some are just keeping up appearances, as with any group of people not all JW's are bad and not all are good. However all JW's who are sincere live by strict rules set out by the WatchTower that end up controlling their life. If you continue to study with the Witnesses and you give yourself over to them then your freedom is forfeit. Please do research on the WatchTower, I know the people are nice and it appears a lovley organization from the outside. From 22 years of experience I warn you, their is a dark underbelly. Please be carefull.


  • jamiebowers

    You're lucky that you only got ripped off and your feelings hurt. I too was pursued by a jw man. I started studying, which made my mom happy, because she was a jw too. By 17 I was baptized and married only to learn that the guy was a complete loon. He performed wierd sexual acts on himself, had an incurable venereal disease, and would do anything in his power to terrorize me, including choking, hitting and kicking me and driving into oncoming traffic. I lived in complete fear for almost 7 years. The elders would tell me to be a better wife and wait on Jehovah, and so I did. Things got so bad that my "worldly" co-workers intervened and got the authorities involved. After he was forcibly committed to a mental hospital for the second time I filed for divorce.

    The elders arrived at my house unannounced and uninvited. After I refused to remain in the marriage, they tried to bully me by saying that I had to prove adultery on his part in order to remarry. I refused, because the guy was a danger to my life, and I couldn't stand for him to influence my life for one more second. I offered to da, but the elders told me that they would df me instead, and they did.

    I lost almost everything I owned, my home, my friends and my family. My mom has shunned me for 21 years. Recently during one of the few conversations I've had with my mom, she told me that I confessed adultery to her before I was df'd. I don't remember saying that to her, but I know it wasn't true at the time. I just wanted out. A battered, frightened young woman's lie was enough proof for the elders to get rid of me, because I was too much of a problem. You see, I actually expected my jw husband and the elders to live by Bible principles!

    And the posters who say that the Watchtower cult has nothing to do with the fact that these guys are assholes are wrong. You see, men like your exboyfriend and my exhusband are predators. They're manipulative enough to see the huge loopholes of this cult. They know that all they have to do is cry and confess at the appropiate times and put on a big act in order to show complete submission to the organization. After all, it isn't them who are being hurt.

    Listen to the voice of experience...stay away from him and this cult! He is a predator, and the religion is a cult with loopholes large enough to drive a truck through that favor such people. If you want to know more, pm me, and I'll either call or email you.

  • DaCheech

    get out of this destructive religion before it eats you up.

    he was just a boyfriend, have it as a learning experience to make you a stronger and better person.

    everytime I get thrown to the floor, i get up, get stronger and use that strength to better myself to disproove those arses!

    good luck

  • arshia

    Hi Jamiebowers. I am sorry to hear what happened to you. It is sad. I have learnd my lesson. I don't think I am going to continue studying. This whole thing is a man made religion. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I hope you are doing well now.

  • mrsjones5

    Yay! Good for you Arshia!

  • jamiebowers
    Hi Jamiebowers. I am sorry to hear what happened to you. It is sad. I have learnd my lesson. I don't think I am going to continue studying. This whole thing is a man made religion. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I hope you are doing well now.

    You're welcome. And I am doing well now, but it wouldn't take much to have a better life compared to what I had as a jw. I'm glad to hear that you're not going to pursue studies with the Watchtower cult. If you want to learn more about the truth about the "truth", read the Battered Lambs" section at You can also learn about the Watchtower's disgusting stance on cild molestation at .

  • jwliedtome2

    I had the same thing happen to me this week! A JW and I dated. I asked him from the beginning if he was married. I asked him a total of 3 times. He said no he had been divorced 10 years. I asked him what religion he was and he told me he did not really practice any religion. Well turns out he is a baptized Jehovah Witness and has been married for 17 years. He lied on all fronts. Told me I was the only true love of his live. I thought we were going to get married. Seriously? How could I have been so far off. This was my first relationship in 5 years.

    Well here are my thoughts. At first I was heartbroken. Now I'm just angry which is better feeling than heartbroken. He is living his life in an entire lie. He lied to me, to his family, to his religion, to his daughter. He's out of integrity. I would have never dated him had I known any of that. But I wasn't given a choice in the matter. Now knowing I have a choice and I say no way. He took me right into his self created hell. But he cannot have my integrity too.

    My only wish is that his wife would know so if she wanted to go on with her life with out any shame she could. She'd be free to leave and be happy because he says she is miserable. It's all up to them from now on. I'm gone. I guess their rules don't really work.

  • jwliedtome2

    Also, I do not believe it is because he is a JW really. I just think he made poor choices. And he will continue to do so in my opinion because he can get away with it. His judgement is not in my hands thank goodness!

  • jwliedtome2

    Having read alot about JW this week, I believe the whole cult supports men in being patriarchal assholes who won't get caught or ever take responsibility for their actions. I think in my case my bf was a coward and an asshole. I very much feel sorry for women who are in the cult, or get caught up in it by the evil of the men who take them to this hell.

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