My ex Boyfriend didn't tell me he was a Jehovah's witness until...

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  • yknot

    What a JERK !

    The great news is you only lost 6 months!

    A friend of mine who is single has been reading Steve Harvey's Act like a Lady, Think like a Man and is recommending it to all single ladies.... I will PM you the e-book a little later once I upload it to a filesharing server (sendspace). From there you just download and open the file using Adobe PDF!

    (PM=private message, just click on the enevelope in the right hand corner of the website next to your username!)

    If this creep's actions have done any harm on your self-esteem...join a gym, get yourself to a salon for a fabulous fall makeover or buy yourself some outstanding new item (personally I am feeling bags and shoes but hey that is just my thing.....maybe yours is a promise ring, promising to yourself that only a man who treats you with adoration and respect will ever have the pleasure of knowing your details of your bedroom!)

    Now as for your studying..... well some of us will be more then happy to share some of the things your study conductor may not know or isn't going to tell you right away........ and like that jerk of an Ex-BF there is a lot of hidden knowledge that doesn't come out until a much later time regarding the Watchtower Organization.

    But before we do that ....Perhaps you might wanna consider making the "JERK"'s life a little hellish by talking to his Elders, you should tell them that once you learned through your study about fornication you made changes to your previously sexually active relationship to this 'Baptized Bro.Jerk' but that shortly after trying to live a moral life that is pleasing to Jah, you found Bro.Jerk to be sexing another........ cry some at this point asking why Jehovah was allowing such a man to prey upon women...... (That should get him DFd!)....... This isn't 'revenge' but rather keeping the congregation clean

    ...... oh and I almost forgot to say.....

    I am glad you found us and I look forward to your commentary on our many topics!


  • sacolton

    Every Kingdom Hall has a few guys like that. JWs are known for living a double life.

    Now, forget everything you ever learned about "the truth" and live your life.

  • arshia

    Thank you so much you all for your advice... Yesterday I saw him at kingdomhall and my bible study teacher went and talked to him and he refused everything and told her that he wanted to witness me to the truth. He told her that I was mad at him because he wouldn't get intimate with me and I wanted to retaliate!!!! ofcourse she didn't believe him, but it hurts even more to see how he calls me a lier and comes to the meetings and makes some good comments too!

  • shamus100

    I think you know your answer already. Dump him. Thank your lucky stars he acted this way, or you would be in deep doo doo.l

    Or be with him and join a cult,,, er, um, let's be politically correct here. A high-control group.

  • yknot

    Book uploaded and PM sent!


    Well he can deny it all he wants but if you should decide to go to the Elders and confess (with his tract record!)

    Here is a link to the PDF 'Elder Manual' so you know how to word your 'confession', just remember to reiterate your repentance and actions cooling the sexual aspect of yall relationship....... the Elders will probably stake out his place and catch him soon enough....

    Elder's Manual "Pay Attention To Yourselves and All the Flock".....:

  • arshia

    Thank you Yknot. I'm worried about my safety after he gets DFed. It's a small city in GA, USA. I think I just have to let go and pray.

  • yknot

    Why are you worried about your safety?

    If he is a threatening type of BRUTE then prepare ahead to record all calls and conversations (pen recorders are fabulous) and get a video camera (or use your phone camera) to document any stalking so that you can obtain a restraining order or protective order.....both requiring him to cease contact and to keep a legal distance. This also can be employed should he use others to threaten you. Further if the matter continues don't be afraid to draw media attention by asking the editor of your newspaper to highlight your story of relationship abuse or religious fanaticsm.

    Which brings to mind all the more reason this is a blessing to have the Jerk out of your life!

    We have several JWN posters from GA by the way!

    If you are too frightened then perhaps it is best to cease all contact with him and that congregation. Put a no trespass sign on your property and walk away like nothing happened.

    On another note for a 38 year old man....... WHAT A FREAKIN' LOSER......

    Join E-harmony perhaps

  • treadnh2o

    It is not uncommon for a JW to be like this.

    I know I lived a double life for so long I began to develop a gray area as to Jw reality and human reality.

    Lies are easily justified (just like remaining in the org). Those posting or lurking here, who are active JW's, are evidence of this as they are living a double life, although the infractions are relatively minor.

    It's not a healthy place to be mentally.

    You shold feel bad for him and stay away!

  • arshia

    Thank you Yknot, He really is a loser. I think the second option is better for me. I don't like to make noise.

    Thank you treadnh2o. I do feel bad for him.

    I am just searching right now. I was born from a muslim father and a Bahai mother. I was raised like a Bahai but I realized that it isn't for me. I have been to different churches. Right now i really like what I see from outside. I have learnd in my life that human nature needs to be free and can not be captivated. that's why I somehow feel bad for him. Because I don't think my parents would mind If I married a hindu or a JW or whatever!

  • hamsterbait

    MOUTHY is absolutely right.

    Are you any good at lying to yourself as well? Are you able to selectively edit your memories as demanded by the Watchtower? (google "orwellian world of the Watchtower")

    Can you bear to distance yourself from your non JW family (they said in a WT study that loyalty is NOT owed to our unbelieving relatives)

    If you have kids, could you let them die refusing treatments forbidden at present, but the next issue of the Watchtower says is okay?

    If your kids later reject the JW teachings could you cut them off and kick them to the curb, having minimal or NO contact with them as directed by the WT? (see appendix to Bible teach book)

    Can you bear to be a Stepford wife, your self-esteem and intelligence belittled as a mere server of mens needs??

    If you later decide the Truth is not for you could you bear being totally rejected and ostracised by ALL the Jws who were your friends, after rejecting your own friends because JWs told you they are "bad associates"?

    Your study conductor will use "Theocratic Strategy" to quieten your fears.

    Theocratic strategy means giving INCOMPLETE, false or misleading information for the benefit of the Organisation - most people see it as plain LYING.

    He is not the only JW to behave like this.


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