My ex Boyfriend didn't tell me he was a Jehovah's witness until...

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  • arshia

    Six months ago I had never heard about Jehovah's Witnesses. I was at the chinese buffet by my self. He came to me and asked why I was alone and How can a girl like me not have a partner. He was good looking. He gave me his bussiness card and told me he was 36 years old and works as a fire fighter and also has his own bussiness. He left the table that he was sitting with his brother at and asked if he could sit with me and since then until last week we were boyfriend and girlfriend. After a month he mentioned that he was not 36 and he was 38! I forgave him for that. After two months I realized that he is hiding me from his parents and when I asked him why he told me that he was a Jehovah's Witness! We kept seeing eachother and since I was very curiouse about the truth he kept promising me that he was going to study it with me. At the same time I found out that one of my classmates who I always admired for her great attitude was a Jehovah's witness. I told her that I would like to study the truth. I told my boyfriend that I was studying with my classmate and he made sure I was not going to tell her his name! Ever since I started to study I have attended all the meeting and I have learnd a lot. He tried not to be intimate with me anymore but we failed, Until I learnd about fornication and adultery and I realized that he was a fake. I told him about it and he said he was sorry and no one is perfect and things like that and he promised that he was going to improve himself. This was two weeks ago! Three days ago he wouldn't answer his phone at night and got worried about him. I jumped in the car and went to his house. It was 11:45 pm. His cars were parked and there was another car parked there. I looked at he house and all the lights were off and there was a little light coming from upstairs were his bedroom was! I looked at the stranger's car and I saw girls shoes and makeup inside the car. I was very mad. I ringed the bell many times until he appeard at the door smelling good and telling me:" Didn't I tell you not to come here without calling first?!". I started crying and he wouldn't let me in to see his midnight company ... I told everything to my bible study teacher and she told me things about him that I never knew before. He never told me that he was divorced and he had cheated on his wife with a non-JW. He had borrowed money from me that he never returned it and he was still asking me for more. I feel used. He knew what he was doing from that very frist moment that he came to me. I am very sad now.

  • SixofNine

    Welcome to the forum, and sorry that you're hurting.

    Your story is why it's good to get to know a person before deciding to be their boyfriend/gf/SO/Steady/whatever.

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    Hello Arshia,

    Welcome to the board. I am very sorry to hear of your sad story of deception on the part of your boyfriend. It seems he was very clever in using the skill he has learnt as a Jw (talking ability, charm, flattering etc) to make you feel that you were the one for him. The most hypocritical part was to bring up his religion to you and actually encourage you to investigate it when he had no intention himself to live as a witness is supposed to. This is wicked on his part...he sounds like many "brothers" I knew that were keen to lead women on but quickly dropped them when things got serious.

    I hope that this experience does not scar you for too long....not all men are like him. The Jw religion produces many men that are immature and unable to have healthy relationships with women. So I sympathize, I have no real advise other than keep away from him and if you really need the money back that he owes you, then write a legal letter requesting payment by a certain date otherwise you will call a lawyer.

    Hope you recover.
    Kind regards

    Chicken little

  • mouthy

    I too am sorry to read of your meetting with that creep.
    Maybe it is a good lesson,though hurtful at this time,never trust
    anyone ,especially to give yourself,money,time,love .
    But the concern I have for you now is the study you are having.
    Yes that creep did you dirty,but by becoming a JW,it will be even a
    worse life for you...PLEASE be very careful, can you live your life
    not having birthdays, Christmas,voting,no education at College
    never dating with out a Chaperon,judging all you meet? going
    door to door telling lies,because that is what will be expected of you
    if you end up as a Witness...You lost money to the creep but maybe if it wisens
    you up to a religion that will lead you in a very wicked direction.I know I was

    a very faithful follower for 25 years.....Blessings

  • Satanus

    He seems to be doing the same to many girls. Getting money from you means that he's a scammer, as well. He needs to be ratted out to his elders.


  • lisavegas420

    I think you should thank your lucky stars you found out now instead of later.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    Move along quickly.


  • nelly136

    I found out that one of my classmates

    how old are you out of curiosity?

    sorry you got scammed.

  • poppers

    What mouthy said. Be wise, listen to granny. And keep coming to the board.

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