My ex Boyfriend didn't tell me he was a Jehovah's witness until...

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  • arshia

    Yoknot, :) very funny. I choose the seconde option. Thank you.

    Treadnh2o, Thank you. I do feel bad for him. But there is no excuse for harming someone like me who had no bad intentions.

  • hamsterbait

    I know he is not the only JW living a double life.

    Bear in mind I do not mean faders, and those attending meetings to keep their family here.

    I mean those living active sexual and dishonest lives whilst pretending to be perfect JWS.

    One of my non-JW friends said a woman at his work who is a JW ( he went out with her and thought she was coocoo) was at a party and drunk enough to start telling him about the men she had been sleeping with. A pioneer at that....

    It is all about image and what you look like.


  • mrsjones5

    You gave that cookie up too fast girl and he's moved on to another cookie. Don't matter that's he's a jw (apparently it doesn't matter to him). Forget the jerk and let it go.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    He is not the only JW to behave like this.

    Thats a very valid point by Hammy, many JWS play a duel personality lifestyle, this is mostly due as a result of

    the JWS teaching that Satan and his wicked evil forces are abound in the world and therefore they can't be responsible for the things they do.

    With addition to the fact that have a personal redeemer ( Jesus Christ ) who redeems all of their sins and you can see why and how these teachings

    can create a disingenuous character/personality.

    Trust me on this I grew up in this religion and I know who and what makes up a JW.

    I certainly hope you rethink what your getting yourself involved with the JWS as a whole and the organization noted as the WTS.

  • steve2
    Every Kingdom Hall has a few guys like that. JWs are known for living a double life.

    I'm sorry about the despicably dishonest way he has treated you . However, I do not blame his religion for his behavior. I'd modify the above quote to read: "Every community has a few maleslike that. Some males are known for living a double life." His behavior is simply inexcusable regardless of religious affiliation and in point of fact, his behavior has violated his religion's moral code. Period.

    While I have no brief to defend Jehovah's Witnesses - just look at my post history to confirm that - it is sophistry of the lamest kind for posters to state that JWs are known for living a double life. Blame the man not the religion.

  • mrsjones5

    I agree with Steve. The man's a jerk and the lady got used, the religious aspect (his being a jw) is secondary and IMHO not really important.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    It must be said that there are variants of this duel personality that I mentioned before, some JWS

    turn quite black from white once leaving the kingdom hall, others just turn just a shade of gray, either way you have to

    be aware of this when getting involved with religions such as this.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi arshia, welcome to the forum.

    I disagree with many of the posters here.

    The news that your boyfriend is not marriageable material might be painfull for a little while, but the biggest damage you are likely to suffer is from the religion.

    You know, now, that your BF is no good, but it might be decades before you realise that the religion is damaging you too.

    One mistake that baptised JWs have made, is studying the WT as truth, before investigating it for truthfulness. I was born into the religion, never baptised, but didn't investigate the WT for truthfulness until I was 52 years old. I made a lot of very poor, life-defining decisions during those years.

    Now that I am studying the WT, my family members won't even give me one. They go out knocking on doors giving them to complete strangers, but they won't give one to their own son/husband/father. If I had made the mistake of baptism, my only family member that would eat a meal with me would be my wife. I would never get to see my grandchildren. I count my blessings that I didn't get baptised.

    There are over three thousand high control groups in the USA. Are you sure you know how to recognise one?

    Just because a group doesn't fit your idea of a cult and doesn't behave like the Moonies or doesn't live in an armed compound doesn't mean it is safe. It may simply mean that you have never been educated in how to recognise the danger signs they are displaying.

    I recommend you do some research into mind control techiques before you get too deeply involved with the group you have taken an interest in. If the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses were not selected by God, to be his sole channel of communication to mankind, in 1919, you need to know that now. Not in thirty years time.

    Take care


  • moshe

    The guy is a jerk for sure. It is only a matter of time before he slips up and picks the wrong lady to deceive. People do get even- sometimes months and years after the betrayal.

    Move on and just say no to any and all JW's. The Kingdom has does not have truth- only misery for those who get caught by their web of deception. JW's are so smooth at lying to the pubic when they witness to them, that is is easy for them to lie in order to satisfy their own depraved desires.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    The first JW I ever met picked me up in a BAR...we slept together that night, and many nights afterwards. But during all this he was witnessing to me and brought a Live Forever book and a green bible over and while he was sleeping with me he was counting his TIME. He took me to the District Assembly and warned me all the way there NOT to tell ANYONE we were together! He said I am going to introduce you to people as my study and you arent to tell ANYTHING ELSE about our relationship! I thought he was ashamed of me! He didnt bother to explain WHY he was asking me to be deceitful. But upon meeting his parents his father said "So YOURE the latest eh?" He was born in the "truth", his father was an elder, his mom of the annointed. and he thought he was ALLLLL that baby and seduced and slept with SEVERAL women...most of them young and vulnerable, and easily swayed women with low self esteem.

    He had me and several other women going at the same time. The problem he created was that he was teaching me that what he was doing was AGAINST HIS RELIGION and so I turned him in....and myself. But because I was not baptized they could only privately reprove me. Him...disfellowshipped along with about 25 other people in this ring of JWs living double lives and covering for each other. Yeah they were REALLY high up there at the Kingdom Hall, ministerial servants and elders kids and pioneers...they were GOOD at deception! After 10 years he was reinstated and promptly got caught online running an S&M ring with JWs all over the country online. I caught him agan...turned him in again...and he said his only regret was that "now nobody is going to come to my Superbowl party!"

    Bad seeds baby...using the religion as a cover for bad behavior. Let his sorry ass go. And before you take your leave, write a letter to the presiding overseer and tell him what you went through in case it happens again with another victim. Then they will have their "two witnesses" and can stop him.

    Get out of this religion. get out get out get out get out

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