How is Joe Publisher reacting to all the TV coverage on the abuse cases?

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  • Island Man
    Island Man
    I would guess that 95% of them are completely unaware.

    No way! Come on, are you kidding me? It's way more than 95%!

  • LevelThePlayingField
    Here in the midwest U.S. and not a shred of evidence that anyone heard a thing. But remember though, good old Brother Lett said that only apostates spread these vicious lies, so MAYBE some HAVE seen it but aren't saying anything!
  • noob123
    I have been following the cases as an ex-JW and brought them up to my mom who is still very active. I am trying to slowly deprogram her so I brought up the abuse cases. I emailed her the link to the PBS report. She watches the news all day long but still missed it. She said she got my email and wanted to watch it, but "Hasn't had time". Keep in mind this video is about 7 minutes long and my mom is retired. So far no comment from her. My guess is that she doesn't want to see it because she can never un-see it. She is very depressed and I am 100% sure it is due to her long time cult exposure.
  • zeb

    re. Australia. The Conti case et al has been made known to the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) to their flag ship documentary program called "4CORNERS".

    Americans think Public Radio.

    They have no interest even though there is a Royal Commission currently going about child abuse in Australia. The media here have been so infatuated with 'Government leadership spills' and challenges (real or media dreamed up)they have little time for anything else.

    The commercial tv stations? dont waste your breath.

  • joe134cd

    In this country most are unaware of it, and those that I have tried to talk to about it have had little interest in knowing. The 2 best comments I got when I tried mentioning it are.

    1 I've got better things to worry about

    2 don't read overseas news papers because this will confuse me.

    Of course I've had the standard replies of apostate lies / greedy victims / satanic media etc

  • dozy

    Most JWs aren't aware or if they are then they just see it as a bunch of money grabbing opportunists. I remember when the Panorama program came out in the UK most JWs in my congregation refused to watch it. The few that did were largely very critical of the BBC & the presenter of the program rather than feeling that there was any substance to the cases.

    The reaction that one poster got from JWs ( who ripped up the newspaper releases he had printed out ) shows that I guess once people form a strong association with any corporate body ( such as a religion , political party , business or a sports club ) then they view any attack on the body as an attack on them personally. As Blondie said , similar reactions from members of the Catholic church on their child abuse problem.

  • Pistoff

    The GB has shut down any talk of sex abuse lawsuits by linking it to apostasy; I talked to my brother about it, and he told me it was apostasy.

    It is not possible to reach a believing witness; their form of belief does not recognize dissent, it is weak, they know it and protect it by shutting out anything that might challenge what they believe.

    Including news reports of leadership hiding pedophiles in their midst.

  • done4good

    JWs generally speaking:

    1. Don't watch the news, much less actually read anything.

    2. Would likely view anything negative concerning the organization as specious, if not outright lies.

    3. IF they get passed 1 and 2, then it is usually only a short matter of time before they feel the need to relieve themselves of their cognitive dissonance, and adopt the attitude of #2. (I have seen this in action).



    Most publishers are not aware or choose to ignore it and block it from conversation. Times like this when you can really see the cultish qualities. Perfect example of cognitive dissonance.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    You know I have to say that saying child molestation is "rampant" in JW-land is going a bit overboard and makes one look hateful and bias instead of well-meaning and thoughtful.

    I have several friends who were brought up Catholic and what happened in the Catholic Church I would call rampant. My friend was raped by a Catholic priest for 10 years. This same priest is known to have raped around 300 to 400 other boys in a three state area over thirty-five years. That is rampant. The rate of abuse in society in general is what? Around 30%. What is it in JW-land?

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