How is Joe Publisher reacting to all the TV coverage on the abuse cases?

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    Unaware or Don`t Care..


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  • kairos
    I asked my wife if she had heard anyone mention the TV spots.
    She said no.

    She only saw them because I asked her to watch the YouTube recorded videos with me.
    She's "waiting on Jehovah"... <facepalm>
  • stuckinarut2

    NOTHING about it here in Australia sadly (well, nothing on mainstream media anyway)

    So, I'm in the awkward position that if I bring up the topic, it will be clear that I have heard it through "apostate" sources....

    As we know, the old expression is true for witnesses..."ignorance is bliss"

  • NewYork44M
    It is all viewed as persecution and is just one more proof that we are very near the end of this old wicked system of things.
  • freein2004

    My family heard about it but didn't see the coverage. They cannot deny it in good conscience so they are just waiting on Jah too. Some of them do believe the reports are exaggerated and possibly some are lying.

    My father seems a little upset by the fact that another family member pointed out to him that all the donations will help pay for the lawsuits. But he is dying (cancer) and their is no point in pushing this topic any further with him.

    I believe my mother just told another df'ed family member not to let it stumble her. Really! Okie dokie go ahead and put your head back in the sand, mother.

    Okay another strange thing. My brother told my parents that the nightline thing was about a guy who left behind a football career for the "truth". Interesting and strange to me because it is not like my brother to lie. I don't know if he googled something and found the wrong program or if he lied so as to not upset my father. If the latter is true then I totally understand why he would lie.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    I just got back from the valco mall were I talked to the JWs that have a stand by Penny's clothing store, they got up and left their post and walked away when I started to ask about the Lawsuits the GB is facing seems like they don't want to even hear about this big lawsuit right in their back yard so to speak.
  • truthseekeriam

    @ Brokeback

    Maybe they are getting the instructions to get up and walk away whenever anyone approaches them with the news on child abuse??

    I really think it's a subject that really gets to them.

  • 4thgen
    It's a cryin shame that they are not aware. I must admit though, that I was the same way when Barbara first came out with the issue of abuse and the formation of Silent Lambs. A the time I was a d.i.n.k without kids and higher up on the food chain, so to speak. It didn't affect me at the time, so I did not pay it any attention. Selfish fool that I was. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Ignorance can be bliss, but it's also ignorant.
  • blondie

    I have seen how Catholics react to the cases in their area. Pretty much the same as I have among jws

    1) some see it as an attack on the church, lies

    2) others see the victims as liars looking for money

    3) Some think even if it happened that they should have kept it private

    4) some think the victim tempted the abuser

    5) some even shun completely the victim who comes forward

  • talesin

    It's funny, that ....... so many kids were molested in so many congregations.

    Many of these 'brothers' and 'sisters' know that pedophilia is rampant within the JWS because it happened in their own families! And what about all the elders we hear about on this very forum ... who are on the committees? Who tell "all" to their wives? Who then gossip in their FS groups? etc. etc. etc.

    FFS, my father is a highly-revered elder (very old and now stepped-down) and respected by all, yet my family is so deeply involved in child abuse that, well, it's disgusting and disheartening to know I am related to such scum. My mother is a saint (NOT!), and as my ex always said "Get down off the cross MIL, we need the wood!" *huge grin, he has a way with words* Yet, BOTH my parents deny, deny... that is what abusers DO. They define the term 'hypocrite' (my two cents).

    The averages JWS have a great excuse to avoid these programs. Because Jehovah said so. Period. It allows for their own 'plausible deniability'l, based on their trust in their OWN abuser, the WTBTS. (excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth)

    It's all disgusting to me. I don't have much use for 'denial'. Pffffft!

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