My Reservations About Calling the Garridos JWs

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  • undercover

    This thread contains my thoughts after having read several other threads regarding the Garridos being JWs...

    Just because it is reported that the Garridos are JWs doesn't mean that they are really Witnesses...

    They may have some link to JWs such as her being rasied one, his studying while in prison or any number of possibilites where they came to know a little about JWism.

    Even if they were baptized along the way somewhere doesn't mean that they were active, participating members in the local congregation.

    There's a lot wrong with the JW religion and it's policies have helped protect pedophiles and other sexual predators from being brought to justice but I have reservations about shouting from the rooftops that the Garridos were JWs, when 1) it hasn't been confirmed and 2) it really doesn't do anything to expose the WT Society's culpability in covering up sexual abuse.

    The Garridos are truly whacked. I'm sure that local JWs are just as horrified at what's happened as the average person is. If the Garridos had any connection with a local hall, I bet that the local JWs were wary of them due to his nuttiness.

    It really doesn't matter what religious affliation these people had. They could claim any religion and the local church is going to deny that they were associated with them. These are people who created their own brand of philosphy and religion, borrowing from others perhaps, but totally out there on their own.

    While the WT Society needs to be exposed for its failed policies and coverups, I don't think it's fair to lay any of this Garrido business on their least not until there's confirmation that they were active, participating members of a congregation.

  • blondie
  • quietlyleaving

    what horrorifies me is that their method of preaching involves sending vulnerable ones like children and teens in the door to door ministry. Teenagers often work with other teens on their own, doing calls conducting studies etc.

    there was one guy, not too long ago, who studied with a couple of youngsters, one was a pioneer who often took teenagers with him. The teens would also visit him after the bookstudy for a meal and association after he'd been baptized. This man is now a mental patient. But for years, while a witness, he used to take pics of assembly baptisms until finally it was discovered that he only took pics of young teenage girls.

    He still calls himself a witness but does not attend.


    another current study used to come to the meetings with insects crawling all over him. He is all cleaned up now and is being trained in the ministry. No one knows anything about him other than that he loves Jehovah

  • OnTheWayOut

    I had a bunch of thoughts typed out, but it started to sound like JW-Apologist gibberish.
    If the Garridos JW connection is anything, wait for the press to trip over themselves telling us. Just a mention of it is not sufficient.

    Talk about it on ex-JW forums, fine. But I wouldn't be ready to go to JW's and put it "in their faces."

  • WingCommander

    I gotta say, think about this scenario Bethel Watchers:

    Imagine if this Garrido guy and his so-so-JW wife Nancy, decide to start bringing up the JW religion during their trial??? Think about it....these people are whacked out, and imagine if during their trials they start talking about different unique JW beliefs about the Wild Beast, Scarlett Coloured Harlot, Disfellowshipping, blood issues, etc, etc etc???

    What a PR nightmare for the Society!! It won't matter how much Headquarters tries to distance themselves from these freaks people will still get on the internet and look up the JW's beliefs, ultimately leading to sites like these, etc!!!!

    Oh man.......the Society better hope these people keep their mouth shut!!!

    - Wing Commander

  • moshe

    Only the local Antioch KH in California knows, if the Garridos ever set foot in their KH. It doesn't interest me, but maybe someone wants to call the Antioch KH and inquire as to their status. (925) 754-2288 ‎

    They are just some more Nutters that got stuck to the Wacktower flypaper.

  • Satanus

    Does a catholic nutter stop being catholic because he/she slips over the edge? Does a lutheran nutter stop being lutheran because he/she slips over the edge and does something nasty? Why should jw nutters cease being jws when they slip over the edge and do something really bad? Double standards?


  • Satanus

    Yours is fundy reasoning. I've heard it from jws, christians, and even muslims. Imagine a muslim saying about a muslim who broke some rule, 'oh, he;s not a real muslim'.


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    For the most part I agree, the only caveat being that if there has been any allegations of child abuse within the congregation during the period they were affiliated with the JWs and if matters were handled internally rather than being reported to authorities then the situation is a little different.

    Does the state of California require cases to be reported?

  • undercover
    Yours is fundy reasoning.

    Assuming you mean me...

    I'm just saying we need to confirm if they were and if they were actually active...that's why I added this last part: least not until there's confirmation that they were active, participating members of a congregation.

    If I went to Mass once a month, but never officially joined, never did communion, never did confessional, it doesn't make me Catholic. If I went on a murder spree and people said, Hey you know that undercover guy was a Catholic, it's not true.

    Now, if it is confirmed that the Garridos were active members, then ya got something and I'll revise my position.

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