My Reservations About Calling the Garridos JWs

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  • Satanus

    Undercover, you minimal catholic, you;))

    If the guy merely married a jw and went to some meetings, i'm willing to let him off the jw hook. However, if the lady was baptized a jw, then she's still a jw, as far as i'm concerned.



    Good Morning Undercover!..

    I would have to disagree..

    JW`s are always the first to tell you what a wonderful group they are..

    Point out a JW they no longer wish to be associated with and they will say..

    "Oh,that person was never a Jehovah`s Witness anyway."

    Now for the Twist..

    When the Garrido`s were in good standing ..

    I would bet thier story was the talk in many Kingdom Halls..About how a person could turn thier life around,by becoming a Jehovah`s Witness..

    That story would be applauded by one and all,in every Kindom Hall that heard it..

    I would`nt doubt that story was used at an Assembly..About how a Person could turn their Life around by becoming a Jehovah`s Witness..

    The WBT$ hungers for storys like these..It`s good PR and sends the Audience at Assemblys,into a Applause Frenzy`s..

    The applause from a story like that,would Ring right through the entire Assembly Building!!..

    It would be the one story,everyone would repeat even after the Assembly.


    Now Garrido has been caught in criminal activity..

    The WBT$ engages in Criminal activity by Hiding and Protecting Pedophiles..

    The WBT$ has been forced to pay out Millions due to thier Criminal Activity..

    Jehovah`s Witness would never deny the WBT$,even after their criminal behaviour was exposed..

    Why allow the WBT$ and the Entire Community of Jehovah`s Witness`s,to set a different standard for Garrido?


  • bennyk

    We have numerous and sundry reasons to be critical of the Watch Tower Society and its teachings and practices.

    From the things hitherto available in the media, I do not believe this incident to be among them.

  • Kenneson

    It was alleged in a blog somewhere that Nancy attended the Leavenworth Kingdom Hall when Philip was in the pen.

    But, attendance is not an indication that she was baptized.

    If she or Phillip were ever baptized there are cards on them somewhere in some Kingdom Hall, you can be sure of that.

    Is there anyone here from Leavenworth, Ks. or Antioch, Ca. who can check for us?

  • Borgia

    I agree with undercover here. BUT .....

    Of course there's always a but ......

    ......... LAW and MEDIA / Public Image are not running along the same lines. Whereas LAW requires innocence untill proven guilty, Public Image will sniff the smell and call it stink.

    By distancing early in the process, an organisation like the WBTS can save and even enhance it's public image. Take the Jesus Cano Case. This man not even been in a court of law before the WBTS decisively and pre emptively DF-ed this man to save public image. His remorse, if he had any, was of no consequence to the WBTS action.

    In this case: No comment/ announcement/ press release has been issued by the local cong or the WBTS. Ofcourse, any legal rammification has to be considered before making a public statement, but the silence is deafening.



  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Did anyone spot a WT book or mag on their bookshelves?

    I couldn't see any. I doubt they have brought anything home from a KH in a while.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    There's a lot wrong with the JW religion and it's policies have helped protect pedophiles and other sexual predators from being brought to justice but I have reservations about shouting from the rooftops that the Garridos were JWs, when 1) it hasn't been confirmed and 2) it really doesn't do anything to expose the WT Society's culpability in covering up sexual abuse.


    If they were Witnesses, the media will find it out and breathlessly report on it. A fringe connection isn't enough to matter one way or the other. And it doesn't change the reality of what that sect's attitude toward child abuse really is.

    If, for example, it is found out that they were Witnesses and say someone in the Hall knew about the girl and didn't report it now that would be something to shout from the rooftops.

    But having some throwaway line mentioning Jehovah's Witnesses -- well so what? What else is there? If nothing, then move along. Until more is known one way or the other just tap the brake a bit.

  • tenyearsafter
  • quietlyleaving


    georgiegirl wild suppositions and speculations are one thing but the really valuable aspect of discussing this case is that it highlights the weaknesses of the lifestyle advocated by Jehovahs witnesses and that they see as their strengths.

    And how is the "lifestyle advocated by JWs" related to what happened?

    In answer to your question - the general lifestyle that revolves around the preaching and disciplemaking work in which families are in the front line. For example the person I mentioned in a post on the previous page, was known as a mentally ill tramp in the neighbourhood 8 months ago. Now he meets with the group, for field service, in a single parent's home. This single parent has 3 young children and they all go out in the ministry together. No safety checks regarding this persons background are anywhere on the horizon.

    It is marvellous to see people making transformations and the newspaper stories over here suggest that Garrido had a lot of contact with witnesses while in prison and that he owes his transformation to them. Whether or not he and his wife are witnesses now does not detract from the point I'm trying to make imo which is that at one time he was seen as being accepted by JWs as a member/potential member. Garrido obviously isn't a witness now, he has his own religion it seems. But the methods by which he advertises his religious ideas are eerily similar to Jehovahs witnesses. He has his own printing setup and uses his broken down kidnap victim to help run his business and takes his daughters with him to distribute his literature!!! But he is a madman for sure!!!! A convict serving a sentence for rape when first contacted

    The WTS has strict and specific guildines in place for bringing people in but its seems to me that there aren't any for advocating caution as to people who may need other types of intervention, psychiatric, police liason etc. This is loosely left up to parents and bookstudy conducters to spot but they are actively trained only to look for positive spiritual response as the ultimate decider of safety as regards suitable association for everyone. I actually rang bethel on this point and the person I spoke to used the anlaogy of a playground saying that parents are responsible for any potential or actual dangers to their children. He did not know that even playgrounds have some form of supervision (the presence of a play supervisor or CCTV) in this country.

    But I take the point that we shouldn't give in to sensationalism.

  • moshe

    Well, just as I suspected, nobody called the Antioch KH to find out anything. It would be interesting to hear what the JW elder's spin is on this mess. Make the call and start a new topic or let this subject fade away for lack of proof. I wonder what Brooklyn Bethel's official public response is, too?

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