Did Jesus ever claim Messiahship?

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  • Lillith26

    I didn't miss the point of 'the gospel message' passwordprotected- the message that Jesus preached was simple- love god, love thy neighbor... The Dali Lama also preaches such a message today... I recognise both as being wise and spiritual teaches of sorts, both have lived lives worthy of admiration and concideration. For me being a deist means I have the privaledge of not being restricted to just one doctrine/dogma/teaching/gospel/truth... I can draw inspiration from as many different writings, books, pictures, natural surroundings and people as I wish on my personal journy to enlightenment.

    If it is a 'sin' to seek true enlightenment and I had to leave blind faith and revealed religion behind me to become a wiser person, then I am as guilty as all hell and need to spanked imediatly! but I do not feel that asking questions and paying close attention to all the facts is a crime! I am simply as the Christians say- "making sure of all things" and as the buddists say- "be careful, only a fool would test the water with both feet!".

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    Sad emo

    Keep on walking Lillith

    The Holy Spirit guides us into truth, truth rarely 'just appears' in our lives!

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