Why can a JW get a boob job but not a tatoo???

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  • cognac

    Undercover - I believe with a tatoo you'd be thrown in a JC and a boob job you wouldn't... The elders may mark you but you wouldn't have a JC over it... I'm guessing your MS or Elder hubby wouldn't be able to be one if you made a huge size difference and everybody noticed... Correct me if I'm wrong though...

  • dutchstef

    That's strange.

    I'm from holland and disf'd in 1999.

    But back then you didn't get disf'd when you took a tatoo. In fact I know a lot of brothers who have tatoos in holland and siters with navelpeircings

    My own sister got both and she is still a JW

  • undercover

    I don't know the criteria for if, when and how tattos (or boob jobs) can get you counseled...

    I do remember that a sister who had a boob job was in our hall when the CO gave the talk. It was felt by most who knew her that it was pretty much aimed at her and anyone who wanted to follow in her footsteps.

    So even if it didn't get her pulled into a JC meeting, it did get her some public humiliation, which is probably worse.

  • cognac
    But back then you didn't get disf'd when you took a tatoo.

    hmmm, was I wrong on this???

  • dinah
    I remember him mentioning the cost and time that could have been put to better use (read: go out in service you flat chested bitch)

    That made me laugh.

  • dutchstef

    I think so.. I think It's one of those things that is in the grey area... just like going on camptrip with school or having a drink after work with your collegues and visiting a dicotheque

    It's better if you don't but you will not be df'd

  • OnTheWayOut
    I'm guessing your MS or Elder hubby wouldn't be able to be one if you made a huge size difference and everybody noticed...

    Worth stepping aside for, if that's your thing. I prefer whatever nature gave her. Why mess with what's already great?

    I am pretty confident that a tattoo is not a JC-thing. It's a bad example, so if it's noticeable or well-known that you got one, you are not to be an example of any kind. Most JW young ones that get a tattoo get it in a spot they can hide it, and nobody knows. (The tramp stamp comes to mind, or teddy bears on the butt.)

    Even less of a big deal would be the boob job. I don't think the elders would suddenly be putting the sister on the platform in more demonstrations after the boob job (but they would want to). I don't think it would even be a marking though. Of course, local areas vary and a single sister getting a boob job for purely physical-attraction reasons would be marked by gossip. A married sister doing the same would similarly be marked by gossip, but not as much.

    There are such degrees of surgery such as lifts without size increase, I imagine it would be difficult to officially mark anyone who had surgery because others are having it without telling anyone. And all you have to do is tell the elders that there WAS a health-reason for getting the surgery done. They would not want to continue investigating if you said that. Plus, health information is protected most places.

  • dissed

    "..or if one did do it, all the other dubs would gossip about them as not being obedient or faithful." - Undercover

    Gossip and Judgement, now rivaling even the power of the Scriptures, the Watchtower, and even I dare say the GB.

    "If we could harness the power of congregational gossip, we could solve the world's energy crisis." - Dissed (an original Dissed quote stolen from Steve Martin)

    3 comments down, 7 to go in this 24 hr period. Damn, these are going fast! Sorry, I haven't posted back to your welcoming greetings, precious few comments left, ....losing strength....getting weaker.....must re-juvenate......need new 24 hr period to refresh....

    Very much appreciated to know that I'm welcomed and loved by such hated people.

    Dissed - Now a proud card carrying member of JWN

  • AllTimeJeff

    There is a scripture from Leviticus, Numbers, or Deuteronomy (cant remember and don't want to look it up) that talks about YHWH not liking the nations practice of marking themselves. The GB applies this to tatoos.

    I can't think of any other scriptures except for Song of Solomon, the last chapter, where it talks of the little sister who at first had small breasts, then they were described as towers!

    Either that was a prophecy, or they did boob jobs back then too. Hey, Solomon was a ladies man.... :)

  • minimus

    Is this thread about tats vs. tits?

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