Why can a JW get a boob job but not a tatoo???

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  • cognac

    That makes no sense to me. You'd get yourself in a JC for a tatoo but I've seen a couple of JWs get a boob job and nothing happen... The hypocrisy in endless...

  • blondie

    I guess tattoos tend to be more visible.

  • leavingwt

    Elders like larger boobs?

  • cognac

    lol, I mean really... Does any of this stuff set off any lightbulbs with these people??? I had lightbulbs go off all the time and new something wasn't right...

  • dinah

    Was the boob job sister searching for a husband, or was her elder husband searching for a little "paradise on earth"?

  • cognac

    She was already married... Hubby is inactive...

  • jeanniebeanz

    Entertainment that has not been banned is at a premium for these sexually deprived JW Men. With as many things that they can't do, it is nice to know that a little plastic surgery to spice up the old ball and chain is still 'legal'.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Elders like larger boobs?

    Yeah, but a tramp stamp is kinda hot too. I think the WT has only lightly commented on any cosmetic surgery in the past and won't update that these days with the difficulty getting a separation of "necessary" cosmetic surgery from stuff like this. I mean, they wouldn't want to belittle a boob job if the woman had a mastectomy. Then one woman who went through tragedy could get her D-cups, but A-cup Annie would be stuck.

    But tattoos are easy to attack.

  • undercover

    Who said a JW could get a boob job (without repurcussions)?

    I remember years ago a CO giving a talk that these type of elective surgeries just to look better were not for servants of Jehovah. I remember him mentioning the cost and time that could have been put to better use (read: go out in service you flat chested bitch)

    No, it's not a DFing offense (but neither is a tattoo, is it?) but it was put in such bad light that it was supposed to guilt dubs from doing it...or if one did do it, all the other dubs would gossip about them as not being obedient or faithful.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I okay I for one want to strongly defend boob jobs as being awesome and not against Jehovahs laws!

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