Why can a JW get a boob job but not a tatoo???

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  • dinah

    It's a tit or tat thread, yep.

  • cognac

    So, you wouldn't get in a JC for tatoo's, huh... i always thought you would... I'm surprised more JWs don't do this then...

  • AllTimeJeff

    It depends if you flaunt it or not. At that point, it becomes the notorious "loose conduct" or "rebellion" and then becomes JW actionable.

  • minimus

    It's funny how JWs are soooo into the Mosaic law. They say tattoos are wrong because they violate a law that Israelites were under. But Christians aren't under that law. So who cares??

  • leavingwt
    Who said a JW could get a boob job (without repurcussions)?

    Plenty of JW boob jobs here in the South. They are VERY common in CA. No action is taken by elders.

  • JWoods

    We had a sister way back in the 1960s who had elective cosmetic surgery...I think it was a face lift, but nobody was really sure.

    She was over-anethetised on the table, and ended up in a permanent coma.

    There was never a word of sympathy from the platform - only off the record admonitions to everybody about how vain and silly such surgery is, and how probably this was an expected result for being like Jezebel the harlot. Maybe even a lesson from Jehovah for others to toe the line.

    Real nice, don't ya think? More worried about stupid Talmudic rules they made up themselves than the life of one of their "friends" - and she was a pretty active witness, too.

  • minimus

    Judgmental bastards!

  • Pandoras cat11
    Pandoras cat11

    Hi Cognac,

    I agree with the above comments. I, too, know that in Southern Cally that tatoos and boob jobs, facelifts are very common. They can't do anything about it because so many are doing it. Back in the early 90's permanent tatooing such as eyelining and tatooing of the lips were the rage. They strongly advised that this was worldly but only the ones who wanted to hear that nonsence listened. The best was when a servants daughter graduated from highschool and her "gift" from mommy was a boob job. Mom had one many years earlier. Daddy bought her a BMW. Gotta love the witnesses from Southern CA. I haven't heard of any elder meetings occuring from getting a tatoo. Perhaps it depends on the area.

    Oh--welcome back

  • PSacramento

    May I just say this:

    This thread would be much better with pictures !!!

  • VIII

    When you think about it, who is going to point out a boob increase? Other than the Elders wife. She will point out that Sister A now has bigger boobs. What is Elder Joe supposed to do? Say "Yes dear, her breasts do look better. Nice size, shape, perky. Huh, I'm glad you pointed that out. I think I'll go tell Elder Tom and Elder John so we can have a JC. She can tell us when they were done. We may have to have her show us the scars to have proof. Since we'll all be there, we'll have our three witnesses to the offense. I'm wondering if they went in under or through the nipple. Just don't tell Sister D, she is such a gossip."

    His wife would kick his ass for pointing out how nice Sister A's boobs look.

    So, the better thing to do is look and shut up. Surreptitiously of course. When you're holding the microphone over her head.

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