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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I didn't get baptised for several reasons.

    Some of the things my father had said to shore up his belief in the spirit direction of the leaders didn't ring true for me. In our house you did not debate anything that my father believed, so these issues were never discussed to their ultimate conclusion.

    I had seen my father make a fool of himself debating the immortal soul with a Lutheran.

    I didn't like the amount of control they wanted over my life, plus they wanted to have control over things that I didn't see they had any right to.

    I knew that if I ever wanted out, I would be shunned. I knew I couldn't undo a baptism in the eyes of my family.



  • LucyA

    Just a small peace of advice from somone that grew up in a devided home. Just because he can quote the bible from memory doesn't make him right. Choose your battles wisely but dont let him become the only voice in your child's life.

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