Why are people so offended by this?

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  • Jadeen

    Why does an all powerful God demand worship? Isn't that like me demanding that residents of my ant farm worship me? We're so far below God, we must seem to have the intellect of an ant to him.

  • jaguarbass

    Intellectually I cant criticize your assumptioins.

    I dont think anybody has the answer, answers to lifes mysteries.

    But people like to think they have them.

    There is a pro and con to every topic under the sun. The only way to stay out of the

    argument is to be neuteral. Kind of a zen approach.

    You cant tell people about your belief or unbelief in God or lifes mysteries and have peace.

    Thats just the basic rule of the game of life.

    Ones you tell someone what you believe or feel the battle is on.

    Many of mans problems and stresses are caused by thinking. The more you think the more it stinks.

    When I start thinking about this topic the matrix seems very real and possible.

  • reniaa

    deism - belief in a disinterested God! not for me I prefer the hope that my God cares enough to want to save us from ourselves.


  • Mary
    I'm thinking that I believe in his existance but think that he does not play an active role in our lives. Everything that happens just happens

    Yep....that's basically my take on it now. I used to think we mattered to God, but He apparently doesn't give two shits about us or all the frigging suffering that goes on down here.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    the "slot" idea is interesting.. gonna have to think some more about that

    It's just a thought. I've wondered about people in other parts of the world, people who have no chance whatsoever. Are they slotted? And then just do the best they can given the circumstances presented them?

    Or what about some kid raised in an hideously abusive home. They've got no chance.

    Maybe we'll find out when we shuffle off this mortal coil.

  • Mary

    Maybe we'll find out when we shuffle off this mortal coil.

    That's what I'm hopin' for hon......otherwise, why are we even here?

  • AllTimeJeff

    Despite my defense of atheism, I consider myself a weak deist. I don't worship, and I don't find god in the gaps, but I do see evidence of higher powers existing.

    I am still fleshing this out. Between work, sports, and social drinking, it takes up the rest of my free time.....

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I find deism to be kind of the default position. I can only look so long for a reason for the suffering in this life. Eventually, I can't help thinking that, for some reason, the creator is really not involved at present.

    Why this is the case is anyone's guess. Might be a really good reason for it, but I haven't heard one yet. I can't see why anyone really needs to be made to suffer. That's a rather poor excuse.

  • 504deist

    reniaa said:deism - belief in a disinterested God

    that's not accurate. the difference between deist is we don't pretend to know what god wants, or, what his intentions are. we would rather live by a moral code because it's the right thing to do, not because we have spiritual pipe dreams.

    most deist hope for some kind of after-life, but, we don't worry about it. whatever happens, happens. we don't use our ideas to control other people, we don't have churchs taking in millions of dollars in the name of god.

    abraham lincoln said " when i do good, i feel good, when i do bad, i feel bad, i feel bad, that is my religion"

    most of the great minds were deist. greek phylosophers, the founding fathers, albert einstein, the list goes on.

    people crack me up when they say, read the constitution of the united states, we are a christian nation. BULLSHIT!!! yeah, go read the constitution, show me one time christ is refrenced. he's not!!!! this country was founded on deist principals.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I believe that God lets free will play its self out. At times, when asked, especially by a lot of people, he will intervene. I've seen it happen. Your view doesn't offend me.

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