WTS attends as a NGO to OSCE in July- 4 branches present!

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  • Megachusen

    "I believe one of Paul's parents was a Roman citizen (father?)"


  • Kenneson

    Well, Acts22:27 states that a military commander bought his Roman citizenship, whereas Paul claims to have been born

    into it.

  • startingover

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I don't get how anyone could defend attending this sort of meeting, whether they are formal "members" of the OSCE or not. The purpose of those in attendance is to influence the member governments of that organization. Yet, if a rank and file JW goes and votes on a local ordinance or state proposition, he's going to get a judicial committee.

    So what if their attempt to influence governments is for the purpose of freedom to preach? It's still playing politics.

    Having a legal department at all has always smacked of lacking faith to me, and I was raised in the organization. Doing this kind of crap is being part of the world.

  • nicolaou

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  • Alwayshere

    Sept. 15,1982 page 22 "All who flee to Jehovah's organization must cease giving support to any part of Satan's system on earth." Insight Book page 54 last paragraph under " "Spiritual Adultery" "if Christains who are dedicated to Jehovah and are in the new covenant defile themselfs with the present system of things, they commit spiritual adultry."

  • wannabefree
  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    While certainly not defending the Dubs it is clear they are simply trying to use all the legal channels possible to state their claim. All documents listed and record of discussion seem to be the same old thing of trying to get the Russians to ease up. I can't see anywhere where they actually voted or becmae part of any committee - unless someone can point me in that direction.

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  • Stirred

    I am relatively new here and was looking up some infor related to UN-DPI affiliation. I may just not get it, but I'm not fully seeing how OSCE eeting attendance is like using gym at YMCA. This event was a meeting and I thought we can attend any meeting that could help JWs and or their org. Maybe i just assumed this.

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