Why The WTS chooses to shoot itself in the foot

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  • sir82
    So they have no option but to uphold Jehovah's standards of perfect justice.

    There are a lot of elders who think this way. It's pretty heady, to think of yourself as the "enforcer" for the Almighty of the Universe. If local elders feel that way, how much more so the guys higher up the chain?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    oh for sure! U can imagine how many of them picture themselves as Jehu, ready to kill all to keep the congregation clean

  • OnTheWayOut

    Another example of their sick minds? Official policy on the resignation of elders. You are not permitted to simply resign. This is official, written policy, as per a BOE letter on the subject. They have to wait until the CO's visit to look you over and allow the resignation.

    Very true. The year I resigned, I turned in a letter in August. I was told that the letter had to be submitted to the organization and they would decide if my reasons for resigning were valid. I told them to do what they wanted, but I was done in August. They asked that I not tell "the publishers." I complied because I wanted to fade, not raise any need to consider DF later.

    In October, the C.O. visited and said that my letter was reviewed and my resignation was approved. What a flicking cult!

    I think we credit the GB too much when we suggest they have a strategy regarding apostates and the internet. In my view, I think they sense they are on the Titanic, slowly sinking, and knowing there isn't a whole helluva lot they can do about it, other then to scare their flock into not looking, and hope for the best on that score.....

    I tend to agree. We think they stumbled into a genius stroke with "blood fractions" because it minimizes lawsuits, makes them look somewhat reasonable, moves toward phasing out the old blood stand, allows those that disagree with fractions to be sidelined and told to just abstain from fractions and whole blood. But I think it was just an accident that they came upon this genius way out. In other areas where they try to similarly phase out old light, they trip on their own shadows. "This generation" was a confusing change in 1995 and the 2008 change was too quick. If they just went to the 2008 change, it would have been less confusing and less rapid for new light changes. The '95 change was clearly crisis management, just as abolishing the 1935 limit on anointed was crisis management.

    Crisis management is the norm now. Selling property in a harsh economy, cutting back in the time of the end on things that should be expanding, pressuring parents to get their kids to stay instead of giving kids a reason to stay.

  • dozy

    From what I can see , most ex-JWs are quite happy just to fade off into the sunset.

    There does seem to be a several factors as to why these end up , sometimes several months or even years after leaving , undergoing JC action & inevitable DFing…

    (1) Rank – those who like Frank , AT Jeff & others who were high profile & held responsible positions do seem more vulnerable than “rank & file” JWs.

    (2) Inevitably most ex-JWs share the reasons why they left with others & perhaps naively assume that matters will be kept confidential or that people will at least understand the reasons , even if they don’t agree. Sadly almost all JWs don’t keep things confidential and they don’t understand as a result of cognitive dissonance. Even the most discreet or guarded comment is dynamite in the minds of JWs. As time passes these comments have the effect becoming a critical mass in time , forcing the elders to take action. It only takes 2 witnesses to DF.

    (3) Existence of an agent provocateur. Unless there is blatant “apostate” activity , most elders really couldn’t be bothered dealing with ex-JWs. The evidence isn't cut & dried or the person may have for some time not attended meetings , so they are off the radar screen. So there must exist at least one person who wants “action , and now”. This can be a dogmatic elder , antognised member of the congregation , “hands – on” CO , arrogant family member or other who decides to push the whole process along and initiate the DF process.

  • PSacramento

    One day they may piss off the wrong apostate and he'll go rambo on their ass !

  • WTWizard

    They can't have anyone that might give the religion a bad review with a good reason for it. So they will discredit anyone that might do that, so new studies can be told that such ones are from Satan and will not be likely to discontinue the study.

    Also, they need to set the example of fear. Do this, and this is the consequence. And you will lose your family ties and "friends(??)". This will keep everyone else in line, lest they get in line to get destroyed "real soon" (since 1874).

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Good comments. Just thought I'd add...

    Cults require live sacrifices! It's an ancient custom including animal offerings, virgins, and enemy soldiers. It's necessary to appease god, particularly if the rains aren't coming, or things are going badly in other ways. Just kill something to make god happy. Botchtower can't actually kill, but dfing is the next best thing.

    So, things are going poorly in the organization, the circuit, the congregation. "Hmmm, something is grieving 'God's Spirit'!" So, pursuing ancient cult mode mentality, "let's kill someone to please god!" So, they do the witchhunt and carry out the sacrifice. The CO boasts to the other mid-management-priests about sacrificing a former dignitary. Surely this will please god. They find some evidence that god has smiled on their offering... until things clearly are still going wrong and it's time to find another victim.

    It's all as futile as throwing people off the Titanic to stop it from sinking. Not gonna work.

    B the X

  • besty

    ATJ - I don't know whether they have a strategy for apostates and the Internet or not. Until we get a ranking Bethel insider come off the reservation we can only speculate. I was suggesting that their cultic behaviours make it inevitable they can only behave in a certain way.

    Metatron - I agree that the WTS may not see it as complicated. It just is that way for them. The pyschology of the hows and whys of high control groups is complex to those on the outside. To those on the inside it's all beautifully simple. Divine perfection made manifest on earth. And that needs punishment as as an essential component.

    Dozy - Great points. I made the mistake of telling an AP (my brother) my reasons for not going back. He did the rest.

    DNCall - Rum all round!

  • AllTimeJeff
    I was suggesting that their cultic behaviours make it inevitable they can only behave in a certain way.

    Yup, I agree.... With all my long windedness, that is the main point.

  • Heaven

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