Why The WTS chooses to shoot itself in the foot

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  • besty

    Frank and Barbara Kavelin's recent disfellowshipping for 'apostasy' two years after they stopped going to meetings made me ponder why exactly the WTS frequently pursues people long after they have disappeared off the JW scene.

    At first glance it seems a counterproductive strategy to make enemies out of people who would otherwise leave quietly. I've had the pleasure of getting to know Frank and Barb over the last year or so and I know for a fact that Frank's story would not be on JWN and Freeminds if he hadn't been disfellowshipped. Now tens of thousands of people will have the chance to read about yet_another_decent_set_of_people screwed over by the WTS. And thats surely counterproductive. Or is it?

    Here's why I think the WTS had to disfellowship Ray Franz, Barb Anderson, Bill Bowen, Frank Kavelin etc:

    1 - Cults demand purity. So they have no option but to uphold Jehovah's standards of perfect justice. The evildoer must be rooted out. And more importantly drilled into perpetual inadequacy loyal followers look at Frank and see a warning example of one who succumbed to some sort of weakness, and redouble their own efforts accordingly. How many of us know situations where 'average' JW's become uber JW's when someone close to them leaves the group? Black and white thinking leaves no room for gray. Disfellowshipping Frank is an effective reminder to the rest to try harder....

    2 - Cults dispense existense. The WTS is the de facto co-mediator with Jesus for 99% of JW's. Eternal life is not possible without affiliation with the WTS. So Frank had to go. People can't just leave without the WTS terminating their right to life officially. Fear of being cut off from the source of life and the loss of self-worth through not being connected to your purpose in life is a powerful fear control mechanism. Disfellowshipping Frank is a timely reminder to the faithful of the consequences...

    3 - Cults need to be right. They have airtight logic with no room for questioning the leadership. And the sacredness of their 'science' should therefore never need to be departed from. Because the WTS is right that makes Frank wrong. If he is wrong he has to be disfellowshipped. There is no other option.

    I'm sure there are other reasons I'm missing.

    But the WTS having all the indicators of a cult makes it unlikely they are capable of behaving otherwise. Its inevitable, even if its counterproductive. They simply can't help themselves.

    The Internet amplifies their stupidity. But when you're the voice of God on earth that probably doesn't concern you too much. Significant attrition in the membership is only causing them to become more cult-like. It's a vicious cycle that will keep beating the flock until morale improves. Their loss is our gain.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Very true but for purely selfish reasons I would like to thank the WBTS for disfellowshipping Frank. His story is inspiring (both my husband and have I read it this evening) and if he hadn't been disfellowshipped we may not have had the opportunity to read his story.

  • leavingwt


    Good post.

    They had to cut Frank off from loyal JWs. They had to silence him (from the perspective of loyal JWs). They had to control the information. They were pro-active in the information war.

    "Jehovah" is always right. Therefore, Frank is evil, and loyal JWs will avoid him like the plague.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I just spoke with a mutual acqaintance of Frank and I. I knew her growing up never knowing she was a JW. I wasn't. So we talked and she was Jehovah this Jehovah that. Ugh! I smiled and left. She a waitress and one of the other waitresses is a friend of the family. Non JW.

    So I go back the next day and the JW is not working. My friend walks over and asks if I still go to meetings. I said no, not in several years. Well she explains that the JW friend is also not going to meeting but was too scared to say something. I responded that she can tell our mutual JW friend that I am inactive as well.

    I return again and bump into my inactive friend. She explained what she was thinking and I told her I felt sorry for her. That she felt compelled to go into the "act" of being "in".

    Now that I know she's out I'll probably invite her along when we all meet up soon. I did warn her. I told her the organization does not have a need or desire of ex JW's floating around. One wrong word gets back and they'll chase u into a meeting in the back room. I told her that when I planned my escape, I moved my cards to a hall in the inner city. Easily 20 miles away. Did not leave a ph#, and I live in a restricted entry building so they won't be knockin'. Picking a congregation with an absolutly aloof BOE helped alot.

    Well the WT can put the pitchforks and torches away now that the heathens have been rounded up and sent away. Go ahead WT, pat yourselves on your backs and go to sleep soundly knowing that a potentially cancerous seed was cut off and disposed of.

  • metatron

    I don't think it's that complicated. First, they have a general desire to punish. Of course, laws and the effect of exposure limit what they can do but I have known many elders who carry an obsession to punish, however possible - and there's Knorr's infamous quote about not being able to stone people to death.

    More specifically, they feel they must silence and punish anyone who held rank in this sick organization, Swingle supposedly told a visiting elder, off-handedly, that the other GB members planned to find some way to disfellowship Ray Franz. Never mind that he wanted to leave quietly.

    Another example of their sick minds? Official policy on the resignation of elders. You are not permitted to simply resign. This is official, written policy, as per a BOE letter on the subject. They have to wait until the CO's visit to look you over and allow the resignation.

    Their arrogance is breathtaking.



    How can there possibly be law and order in Watchtower World,if there are`nt any Symbolic Public Executions?..

    The rest of the JW Minions need to know who`s Boss!!..

    The occasional Symbolic,Public Beheading never hurt anyone..Except the guilty..

    Anyone the WBT$ does`nt like,is always guilty!!..

    So..Off with Thier Heads!!


  • ldrnomo

    They shoot themselves because they have to keep covering over their lies that they themselves believe.


  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    But we have to lie to tell the truth of the bible, hey you try and get rid of hundreds of thousands of freshly printed literature every month, its not easy.

  • oompa

    i can not frikkin believe they did not/have not df'd me.............oompa

    hell i would df me!!!

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Will DF you Oompa , we can make it official including a certificate of authenticity

    The experience will enrichen your life and make you a better person.

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