Why The WTS chooses to shoot itself in the foot

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  • Heaven

    I think they continue to shoot themselves in the foot because this is not lethal, but at the same time, allows them to continue on in the same vein, which is not having to admit they are in error. To admit error shows they are not God's organization. If they admit they are not God's organization, they risk death.

    So a flesh wound is far better than their death.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    The said power of god in this organization like many others, starts at the top and extends all the way down to the elders,

    When Rutherford implemented the name the JWS it was most likely the same time this president of god's kingdom with all of the procured power

    attached, felt it was necessary to keep a watch out for deserters or opposers to his leadership.. Remember the opposition he got when he took over the rains

    after Russell died, many Bible Students disembarked after Russell's passing and Russell was aware of the situation. Procured power can easily fall apart

    and vanish quickly if there aren't stringent rules laid out to maintain it. Since Judge Rutherford was a man of laws and rules it was within his character to

    act as a Judge overlooking the actions and behavior of the minions below him to keep himself in power.

    As for why some people like this Frank fellow who just wanted to walk away from the organization quietly , but they still felt it necessary to DF

    is nothing but a tell tale story of trying to instill fear into peoples minds of what could happen if you decide to leave this organization.

    Call it an opportunity to exploit a situation to meet their own self serving needs.

    And again its a show of power displayed by the elders to the rest of the flock of who they are also.

    The shunning process by biblical standards was put forth to separate individuals who are actually within the flock, not ones that have long ago left it.

  • steve2

    Thanks Heaven for the links whick worked beautifully. Frank and Barbara's account is very informative and moving.

  • hamsterbait

    Like the BERLIN WALL and the days of the Iron Curtain - It is not about letting people IN, but preventing the captives from ESCAPING.

    In the days of the Internet, one person leaving is pursued with a venom breathtaking to outsiders.

    He puts his story on the net and inoculates THOUSANDS against ever listening to their blasphemous filth.

    1 LOST is not equal to THOUSANDS never gulled.

    But those in are too afraid of being treated likewise.

    Keep it coming. Boy I could put up so much it would inoculate a million.


  • mcsemike

    It's the same concept as in the book "1984" when Winston is caught by the Thought Police. His "reprogrammer" kept telling him that THE PARTY (read "Society") cannot and will not tolerate ANY rebellious thought within its borders. They weren't just concerned with the action, they went after the thought as the main "sin". You simply are not allowed to disagree with the WTS and stay remain "alive". So they kill you by DF'ing you. To them and hopefully to your faithful family, you are now dead.

    It's a shame they cannot step outside themselves for a bit of time and truly see how mentally ill they are and how utterly stupid and ridiculous the world views them. Do these people have so little to do in their lives that they find it necessary to run around town spying on others to see if they disagree with an 80 year old teaching?? They are so insane that they think WE are all insane. This would be comical if it weren't so pathetic. I have never seen so much mental illness in my life as is in the WTS.

    It's as if Election Day had been 3 months ago and a few local Democrats scoured the county to find ANY person who had voted for McCain so that they could mock them for not winning and for being "wrong". Can you imagine anyone bothering to do that? Wouldn't they be considered sick?? The WTS MUST be destroyed ASAP. People are still being molested, abused, and committing suicide. I am taking the "murder letter" to the authorities here in Central Florida. I wonder how the police would view the WTS after learning that they told a local BOE NOT to tell anyone that a wanted murderer was seeking to be baptized and that it was HIS job to turn himself in. They were told to only discipline him for smoking a joint of marijuana. CAN EVERYONE SEE THE INSANITY HERE??? ARE ANY JW'S READING THIS??? You chase him down for smoking pot but ignore murder and child rape?? ARE YOU "PEOPLE" INSANE?????

    I'm not going to stop until you in the WTS are all gone. I can't lose anything more. My daughter, who is now 23 and as many of you know was molested/raped at the age of 9 years old until she was 13, just got married. Of course, I was told nothing of this and was NOT invited to the wedding. I didn't even receive a picture of the "happy couple". This is the price I paid to speak the truth. I won't quit until they are gone. I may not live to see it, but I will do my best to contribute to their demise.

  • treadnh2o

    i can not frikkin believe they did not/have not df'd me.............oompa

    hell i would"

    I'm with you there oompa!

    OMG- I just quoted Oompa

  • treadnh2o

    i can not frikkin believe they did not/have not df'd me.............oompa

    hell i would"

    I'm with you there oompa!

    OMG- I just quoted Oompa

  • besty

    bumping this thread for any more comments or newbies

    Frank and Barbara's story can be found here on JWN or on freeminds http://www.freeminds.org/life-stories/leaders/when-the-kingdom-melody-went-off-key.html

  • mindmelda

    On the other hand, I meet people occasionally who had been raised as Witnesses, but never did anything about it, and the Society seems more than glad to be rid of them. Mostly because they never got baptized, or if they did, never were active.

    It's only if you were an example to others as a good little Borg, that they feel they need to make an example of you again, by DFing you.

    If you're a weak sister like I always was, never regular, never pioneered, never regularly attended meetings...well, I remember one of our more gung ho elders saying about a person like that who moved away and was never heard of again, or never sent for their publisher card..."Good riddance, we don't need people like that in the organization."

    And they don't...they want loyal drones who sacrifice everything and work hard. If they can't guilt you enough, you're not in the cult anyway, even if you are baptized. They just can't get what they want out of you.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    It's amazing how one little dip in the pool makes ALL the difference in that regard.

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