Why The WTS chooses to shoot itself in the foot

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  • steve2

    Tantalizing thread. Can someone please direct me to the post about Frank? Thank you.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I read this while trying to get over my headache. Just re-read it...

    I go back and forth on this. I (think I) know of prominent ones who aren't where they are used to be, but still are elders elsewhere. I wonder why that is... If that in itself isn't a tactic....

    Then I remember my own experience, reading on these boards at first, and being confused. If I were a lurker right now, and read about "Frank Kavelin, composer of certain Kingdom Melodies", that would be compelling and interesting, but it still wouldn't get to why I was there. If I read about AllTimeJeff and his werid trip to Cameroon, that would be interesting, but then, I would have to get to the point, and figure out what is going on in my head. I love Randy's site at freeminds, but I read up on Franz first, and the Bethel letters before I got to any of Randy's stuff specifically.

    Over time, however, the cumulative amount of higher ups giving the same info about the GB was impressive to me. (it was still CoC that did it for me... I read it online)

    Imo, I think lurkers here are generally unimpressed by anyone not named Ray Franz or Barbara Anderson. For many, it could be that they are so indoctrinated that they really don't know what they are looking for. (I don't know if that is true, it just seems like that to me)

    I believe that the GB knows most of the rank and file don't venture out into the ex JW internet world too much. But the R&F do browse a little more then the GB realizes....Or am I wrong on that? I think that because of this belief, they feel they can axe certain prominent ones without the backlash.

    In other words, they are still stuck in the belief that their prohibitions on the internet that they put on their flock work. I don't think they realize that this new generation of JW has a certain amount of "not giving a rats ass" and at least peaking once in a while. Thats all it takes.

    Personally, I think the WTS is a creature of habit in this regard. They DF whom they want without regard to pattern or their own standards. The ignore others for the exact same reasons. I think we credit the GB too much when we suggest they have a strategy regarding apostates and the internet. In my view, I think they sense they are on the Titanic, slowly sinking, and knowing there isn't a whole helluva lot they can do about it, other then to scare their flock into not looking, and hope for the best on that score.....

  • Black Sheep
  • besty

    Frank can offer more on the exact circumstances leading up to the announcement of their DF'ing. From how he described it to me it sounded like a definite witchunt - either sponsored by the CO or from Bethel.

    They don't like loose ends - and Frank was a loose end - not neatly pigeon-holed. Not a loose cannon. A loose end.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I got that feeling too besty.... I think the witchhunts are totally case by case..... Probably because Frank was well known he had the Service Depts attention?? It's an interesting thought....


    Frank had a Spotlight..The WBT$ provided that for him,in Watchtower World..

    The WBT$ Give-ith..The WBT$ Take-eth away..

    In Watchtower World..

    The WBT$ can make you a WBT$ Super Star..

    Or..The WBT$ can Destroy your Life..

    Frank was made an example of..

    It`s as simple as that..

    A Show of Power,for the Mass`s!!


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I was talking to Frank today and joking with him that these threads are attention getting. I jokingly refered to him as the current rockstar.I posted about him because I felt a great injustice was done to a person who has so much to offer. Let history decide the rest.

    I showed the post that Besty made to my wife. (slightly unbecoming a fence sitter. She's angered by the witch hunt at Frank. "Why did they go after him?") She stated if there was a with hunt on her she's "done". I warned her, be careful of what u wish for.

    I'm not too worried about a witch-hunt on me as I was fairly insignificant in this cult. Frank was a tall tree.

  • DNCall

    It was no coincidence that I got "the call" the week after the circuit overseer's visit. Another factor is gossip. Once it reaches a certain level, the elders are moved to take action. Absent those two things, I'm quite sure the elders involved would rather have just let us fade.


  • DNCall

    I forgot to thank Besty and the posters on this thread for their excellent insights.


  • TheOldHippie

    "You are not permitted to simply resign. This is official, written policy, as per a BOE letter on the subject. They have to wait until the CO's visit to look you over and allow the resignation."

    Not exactly so. I resigned in-between visits and that was that.

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