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  • nelly136

    same as rolling rock, time.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I don't know. I'm still bitter. But this board has helped me think about some things a little differently.

  • Tuesday

    Seeing and reading things from people who were bitter, I realized that was not something I wanted to be. I realized that people talk about their childhood alot because it's what shaped them as a person, being a JW was a large part of my childhood and life so it's perfectly normal to talk about it. People need to realize there's a difference between simply addressing a part of your past and being bitter.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life
    People need to realize there's a difference between simply addressing a part of your past and being bitter.

    Good point. I'm not as bitter as some people I have read on here. I think I've mainly been honestly addressing my past for the first time ever since I've been on here. And I think for the most part it has been good for me. I think there is a danger in spending too much time on here though. It has been great for me to be away from internet access for 3 weeks.

  • jookbeard

    I'm actually still very bitter, I just show it differently, I'm bitter and angry of the murderous enforcement of the blood issue, the cover up and allowance of sex abusers/peodo's , the constant lies and failed prophecies, and the hatred they show to their loved ones with their demonic/satanic shunning policy, boy I'm still bitter ! LOL, but a sense of humour, love and time leave me with a different type of bitterness.

  • JWdaughter

    Time, maturity, gratitude(i could still be IN! and I am NOT!) Being happy is the best antidote. The bitterness is gone, but the reality of the wrongness of it that I know of doesn't need to be bitter if it is discussed in a honest way. There are some on other boards (maybe even here) that I think have overdramatized issues so that I don't even recognize the people they are talking about as a group. I think the religion is wrong, but I don't have to make up crap for the doctrines and REAL policies to look any worse than they actually are-if you know what I mean.

  • boyzone

    My healing is only just beginning. I've been angry for the longest time but since telling off that sister the coffee shop where I work, they've left me alone. Also my son has left the primary school where I had to walk past 3-4 sisters every morning.

    Now I don't have to endure regular contact with any of them, the wounds are beginning to heal...


    Nothing.. ..............OUTLAW

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I'll always hate the constant lies that I was raised with and the fairy-tale false prophecies that I was taught as a child. And the hatred and shunning that they display to family that have left the JWs is a very hurtful part of my past. It's still part of present but it's a part of my life that I have decided to remove myself from. I no longer have any contact with any blood family members. My history with the shunning is actually not as bad as many that I have read about on this board. Also, we had many family "friends" that totally dropped us when it was obvious that we were no longer practicing JWs. We never heard from them even when my father tragically died. It will always be a sad part of my history.

    Developing a sense of humor about all this is a big sign of healing. I have read many threads on here that have had me cracking up while I am reading them. I don't know any former JWs anymore in my real life. This is the only place I can come and talk about this very large part of my childhood and adolescence.

    Developing other relationships and interests makes all this stuff an even smaller and less importand part of our lives. It will always be a part of our development but we can put it in better perspective.

  • journey-on

    Time and experience teaches one that negative feelings held too long in the heart and mind will eat you up like cancer. You have to dig through the pile of crap that was your JW years and find that one little diamond that turned out to have some positive benefit. Keep the diamond then sweep away the crap and just journey on.

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