What the Family Worship Evening Arrangement Really Entails

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  • Gordy

    So are we basing this "Family Worship Evening" on what one CO has said ?

    Knowing CO's from past expereince, here in Britain, most of them seem to make up their own rules. They get direction from Bethel on what to tells congregations, but depending on the CO some "embellish" and add their own little piece. Then of course the CO being believed to be the Governing Body's representative all the JWs run round doing as he says.

    Calling it "Family Worship Evening" is no different from what I knew it as the "Family Study Evening" where we chose a book or magazine article to study. As for the 4 hours thing, well I believe that is a load of rubbish. It was an effort, and I speak for all JW families I knew, to get a family to do one hour never mind four.

    They take away a one hour meeting and want to replace it with fours hours of study?? .

    As for the Elders visiting everyone, aren't they supposed to do that anyway? Does that include those with no family?

    In the years (30) that I was a JW and had my family, we probably got visited about 6-7 times. I recall one sister saying she had been in the congregation 22 years and never had an Elder over the doorstep.

    I can see this as being one of those "Yes we must do that." and ending in 2-3 months.

  • boyzone
    I can see this as being one of those "Yes we must do that." and ending in 2-3 months

    Yep, sounds like one of those good intentions the BOE get regularly. Like the time they were supposed to cover all the Do Not Calls to see if they're still DNC's. Or the time the book study conductor was meant to go on field service with everyone in his group. Or the discussions about getting started on the KH toilet refurb (never done).

    Yep, buckets of good intentions....

  • metatron

    I think we need more evidence from other CO's that this Family Night crap is being strongly emphasized. It looks like a local campaign typically triggered by just another intinerant egotist AKA "the Circuit Overseer".

    I can't believe that older heads on the Governing Body actually think this nonsense will work. The kids are burdened with homework, Dad is scared of losing his job, Mom is working full time. Everybody is tired. It would be miracle enough to get them together for dinner.

    More than all this, it contradicts the whole organizational thrust of "being a Jehovah's Witnesses by the numbers" in which every question and answer is scripted. Give the kids a chance to really be honest about how they feel and Mom and Dad will be shocked into giving up. All else is just more fake-atude with bogus "Youth" book answers that satisfy parents worries until the kids can leave home - and the "truth".


  • cantleave

    Gordy, you think it will last 2 - 3 months? I'm surprised you give it that long! I agree with all of you that family worship will be no more than a quicky BS for most, hastily conducted so that we can get to the cinema.

  • wannaexit

    one of the local elders said that "family worship evening" is a REQUIREMENT.

  • skeeter1

    I looked for Spike Tassel or Renaii's comments on this thread. What are their experiences? Everyone in their congregations doinng this study night on a week-in-week out basis?

    Or, do they spend "family study night on this blog? LOL..

  • palmtree67

    I wonder if they are wanting this Family Night to be like a "mini-meeting"??

    Maybe they are gearing up for "the end", when meetings will be banned. This way everybody already has experience with conducting a weekly "mini-meeting" in their own house.


  • blondie

    Has there been any printed WT material on this "arrangement" yet perhaps in the KM or a WT side article?

  • Joshnaz

    My thougs exactly Palmtree. I'm expecting they are preparing themselves to teach at home instead at the K.H. The Governing Body can then sell all the property and land they own and get rich. While the rest study at home like good little robots, and the preching continues.


  • Hopscotch

    blondie I am starting a thread with scans from the October 09 WT about this arrangement.

    Here's the link:



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