JW's on Facebook seem like happy people

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  • Smoky

    I just recently got a Facebook page and started to look up some old JW friends (im a long time Fader). I see there pictures and comments and feel kinda jealous that they all look happy (im in a rough stage in my life). I never was happy as a JW, and since i faded i am more comfortable in my own skin....the future looks bright for me. But i bothers me, and makes me wonder if they really are happy as JW's, or are they putting on a smile for the camera. maybe happy people are happy no matter waht religion there in, im just not one of those type a people, i guess.

    Where you ever truly happy as a JW?

  • cantleave

    They shouldn't be on facebook - opens them up to bad associations. If they are happy it is because they are not completly following the borg.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'm a happy person by nature and make do in strange places. There were happy times when I was a JW, but I'm more consistantly happy now. Yes, the frustration and anticipation for the end of this "awful" system of things is gone. I'm at peace.

  • mac n cheese
    mac n cheese

    Hi Smoky,

    I've been wondering about this myself lately. Both my husband and I have lost our jobs, which if it would have happened while we were pioneering and back in, I think I would have been more frustrated, because of expecting god to reward me because I was doing everything right.

    Stupid, I know. But I was just swallowing what my parents told us.

    For us (both born-in), it was a matter of "ok, got the WT prep done? Check. Get 50 hours by the 15th? Check. Schedule all those talks? Check." We were so busy with congregational activities and trying to cram in some space for ourselves to feel normal that it's really hard to say. I think I was happy in that I was getting a lot done. Now, being inactive neither of us can imagine sitting through those boring meetings again. We were bored when we were super busy and doing parts, talks, etc. Now we're super busy with life, and it feels very natural. Performing for the JW group, it just was exhausting.

    Remember that for the average JW, they are always thinking about what others think of THEM. I can't imagine that if they're identifying themselves as a JW on FB that they feel comfortable really being themselves. I know several people who have multiple FB pages for just that purpose.

    Hang in there,

    Mac n Cheese


    I, too, am a naturally happy person but I was not truly happy as a JW. I was trying to get my adult daughter who had rejected JW's to have a study once and she looked at me straight in my eye and said, "Why Mom, so I'll be happy? YOU AREN'T HAPPY!!!!" I realized she was right and found out via the internet shortly after that I was in a cult. Then it all made sense. I am extremely happy now. Things will get better. Don't let them fool you. Add me as a friend on Facebook. Robin Brookman

  • M.J.

    It's their duty to be happy or else pretend they're happy. Especially when they're putting out a public profile like that.

    But who knows, many could be happy. It's not for me to say they're not. Kind of reminds me of some work by Mark Twain I read years ago where a lady wished for her father to be happy for the rest of his life. Next day his father believed himself to be a great king surrounded by his courtiers and was a completely deluded lunatic but smiling & happy as hell for the rest of his days. Of course the daughter wasn't quite happy about that result, even though her wish did come true.

  • sspo

    I was truly happy, once you truly believe it's the truth as millions of them do, you feel you are truly blessed in being a JW.

    Once you begin investigating and doubting your religion, that's when happines is gone and feel you're wasting your life away.

    i'm now very happy in realizing i was in a cult and not waste more time in a religion that it's not any better than a science fiction book.

  • startingovernow

    If they say anything on FB that is anything other than happy-talk it will be printed off and shown to the elders as complaining, doubting, or evidence that a shepherding call is in order...

  • JWdaughter

    I was happy enough, but it wasn't cause I was a JW. My parents had a good supportive marriage. I felt guilty a lot (cause I was an imperfect JW and while self righteous, knew I never made the mark they set).

    If the JWs on facebook look so happy, it might be cause they see the economy and the discouragement of people in this country and think it is just a 'sign' of the times and proof that the world is headed over the cliff-so to speak.

  • tresdecu

    I am a somewhat active JW. (still there for family) Don't believe it's the truth (that's why I'm here) I also have a facebook page. If you knew me and searched me, it would look like I'm really happy. Pics of me at the lake waterskiing with my JW buds, drinking beer, camping, humerous status updates etc...but on the inside I'm pretty depressed still about finding out the truth about the truth. kind of in a limbo now. So don't judge their happiness by facebook. We all put on a show on that site (to a degree)


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