JW's on Facebook seem like happy people

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  • dudeson

    After reading this thread i hopped onto FB. I have an account but haven't logged in for a very long time and i found just about everyone i used to hang out with from the KH. Have they not mentioned Facebook by name at the DC or during the local needs yet?

  • Mrs. Fiorini
    Mrs. Fiorini

    When I was a JW, I don't remember thinking much about whether or not I was happy. I was too busy trying to keep up with my JW responsibilities. And of course, I thought the time to be happy would be after Armageddon.

    While JWs say they're the happiest people on earth, that's just what they're supposed to say and think about themselves. What else would you expect from the only true Christians on the planet.

    I think happiness means more to those who are trying to live for today than it does for those who are willing to postpone their lives for "the new system."

  • Casper

    The congregation I was in was mostly made up of 3 long term familes, after the initial "Love Bombing" things began to cool off and I began to feel like an outsider.

    Families would gather around each other in groups, which is to be expected I guess... leaving others excluded.

    As time went on, I felt less and less as though I belonged there, and many times wondered what I had gotten myself into.

    With the feelings of not belonging, on top of all the JW rules and regulations, No, I wasn't happy as a JW.


  • tresdecu

    Facebook has not yet been villified like myspace was a couple of years ago by COs , DOs , over-righteous elders etc. I currently know elders, servants, pioneers that have a facebook page. Some use their status updates to quote the daily text (barf) and other spiritual "goodies". Others, like me use it to say they had fun camping at the lake and drinking a six pack. (I'm pushing my boundries as haha) It was mentioned at a Circ Ass a while back, but not with enough mud to suggest that it is really bad and you must delete your account. It will be interesting to see what happens, because there are tons of JWs that have FBpages and enjoy using it.

  • billie jean
    billie jean

    I was never happy about being a J.W and would come home from meetings with face ache from my fake smiles, i got so depressed i had a mental breakdown, people thought i was happy but they had no idea how i really felt inside. i guess that a lot of them are not truly happy and it's all a front because they dont know how else to be while theyre trapped. i also wonder why the dubs havent mentioned Facebook and the 'evils' of it because im pretty sure that they would have done if it had been years ago.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Just about everyday now I catch myself thinking "I am so HAPPY now " I even drive around in my car with a silly grin on my face most of the time .

    I tend to be a cheerful type person . However growing up as a witness nearly crushed my spirit completely ....I had several episodes of severe depression over the yrs. and I truly believe it is because of the unrealistic lifestyle I was expected to maintain . I now feel I can be myself .....and there is no pressure that someone is judging my every move .

    I have friends on facebook too that are still witnesses ,and yes I think some of it is an act . As if they are trying to convince themselves how happy they are , in my opinon . No doubt some really are happy in that way of life , to each his own . I am just glad I found a better way for me .

  • gubberningbody

    I think that some faulty composition is involved with the idea that JW's are happier more than non JW's because some on FB seem to be happy.

    I have a "happy" picture from a young elder who killed himself a year ago. I also have a "happy" picture from another young brother who killed himself shortly after that one.

    You simply cannot judge the mental states of people based on some photos.

  • AllRightsReserved

    "I see there pictures and comments and feel kinda jealous that they all look happy (im in a rough stage in my life)." I felt the same way when I gave up my family. At the end of the day... They re putting on smiles.

  • Tuesday

    Facebook isn't really a place that people post things to look depressed though. You have to really know a person to know they're depressed, on the outside everyone looks happy. People don't really frown for pictures, nor do they post the ones that they don't like.

  • Lieu

    Well, if you are jealous of "other" people you are also worried about what "others" think of you. Get the "others" out of your life and focus on yourself for a bit. Find who you truly are, make any improvements YOU find necessary (if any) and be happy with yourself, the true you.

    FB is simply another place where people can post and communicate. If folks seem happy, good for them.

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