JW's on Facebook seem like happy people

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  • Anti-Christ

    People who are drunk seem happy too.

  • WTWizard

    Their "happiness" is nothing more than a script. The witlesses go on these sites hoping to get other people to take an interest in the cancer, and they have to abide by that script in order to do that.

    Rather, the reality is that being a witless keeps opportunities away from people. They are sequestered from real people, and that they do not celebrate holidays and birthdays serves to turn other people off from them (and the fact that they are supposed to be advertising the cancer and getting as many people in as they can). Also, they never seem to have any money (if they are laid off, instead of looking for another job full time, they are expected to do field circus, wasting resources, full time).

  • JWoods
    I see there pictures and comments and feel kinda jealous that they all look happy (im in a rough stage in my life).

    I think that the operative phrases here are "seem like" and "look like" (they are) happy.

    Happy is not having to "look like" you are happy.

  • BluesBrother

    Sheep in a field look happy (well, content anyway) not knowing that they are being fed only so they may be fleeced and slaughtered for profit.

    The communities at Waco and Georgetown were happy until disaster struck.

    Scientologists and Mormons appear to be happy people ....The passengers on the Titanic were happy until it began to sink.

    My point is that a current feeling of happiness is not always the sole judgement that you should make about a lifestyle..

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