Imputation- do you agree?

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  • gubberningbody

    Though I agree with your feelings, you're incorrect in saying that

    " The concept defies all reason. It makes no sense at all."

    The argument is as follows:

    I. Cause and effect must be obeyed.

    II. The penalty for a perfect human is that perfect human gets life removed.

    III. Adam sinned as a perfect human, therefore his perfect human life gets removed.

    Meanwhile all the lil-life force decendent bags get blown up and righteously popped like so much bubble wrap until...

    IV. Perfect life force chooses to enter in and seal off all the bags that popped with the value of its life force.

    V. All the bubble-wrap gets fixed.

    VI. Then the bubble-wrap that got fixed get the same test.

    VII. Bubble-wrap that passes doesn't get popped.

    It seems rather pointless to me, though. I'm still trying to make any sort of MORAL-sense out of this that corresponds to some uber-deity.

  • JosephMalik


    Well the Jews should get a chance to rethink their theology in the Kingdom. But this is a root text and we can plant our feet in it. All the illustrations that came later to show the permanency of such an outcome are just that. Scary perhaps some using fire that destroys but scary is what losing such life is to most of us anyway.


  • Lillith26

    Gobberningbody- Just for shits and giggles- lets just say that your great-great grandady robbed a bank, and now, 100 years later, it is you who are on trial for commiting that offence... this is not just, this is unfair, why are you at fault for someone elses crime (keeping in mind the crime was commited before you were born)???? this is what Imputation implys- your great-great grandady is Adam commiting the "original sin" and now you are on trial for it???? that my friend does defy all reason- Guilty untill proven innocent! is Jesus your lawyer???

  • gubberningbody

    Lil, The argument presented is:

    1. Gramps stole from da banc

    2. He gave his kids da money

    3. Da bank wants da money back

    It's just considered collateral damage that his kids enjoyed the cash for a while, and the bank takes it and some rich guy pays the debt.

    I think you're confusing justice with love.

    The equation as defined is "just", but not "loving". (In my view)

    Supposedly it all gets accounted for and we forget all the holocausts-n-stuff that happened in between.

    You see the problem isn't in mere logic or justice but attempting to come up with any sort of narrative which would make sense out of creating anything at all to begin with.

    A thought experiment would do.

  • Lillith26

    Adam "stole" then ate a piece of fruit that belonged to this guy JoHo- the fruit passed through Adams digestive system- Adam then crapped it out all over the garden of eden- and we (his decents) are left to live in a pile of crap! our only hope is a dead/alive guy (JoHo/JoHo's Son) with mop to clean us up before JoHo/his Son comes back and demands we give the crap back???? Hmmmmn

    I say JoHo can have his shit back and eat it too! I refuse to be held responsible for some elses actions! I refuse to be imputated!

    If you believe what the Bible says to be a factual history- then it was Joho who is personally responsible for the Holocaust that took place in Egypt! Remember the plauge of the first born of Egypt??? Well I suppose those innocent men, woman and children had it comming to them after all, Adam did steal that peice of fruit!!! Still think Iam confusing justice with love???

  • Lillith26

    JosephMalik- I think all "Revealed Religions" should go back and seriously 're-think' their theology! None of them are RIGHT, none of them have THE TRUTH and all of them seek to control you personally by playing on your fear of death or eternal damnation.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Always wondered why god just couldn't forgive and move on.

  • myelaine

    dear Robdar...

    interestingly one of the things that "unadulterated" Judaism laments is the inability to deliver sacrifices to God in the temple.

    I think it is in isaiah that God says that "at that time, each will die for his own iniquities"...later on another Jewish man said that you will die unless you have THE Sacrifice in your temple...

    does the fact that "unadulterated" Judaism can't make the sacrifices mean that they no longer take the commandment literally or that they can't make the sacrifices?

    love michelle

  • Lucky Calamity
    Lucky Calamity

    A great deal of research in genetics and genetic markers over recent years strongly suggests the answer to be NO.

    If there were any genetic markers for SIN, we would have found them by now. Consider the human genome project and all of its findings - no sin markers noted.

    There is no scientific evidence for it, and I doubt it will be found, for the same reason no evidence of the flying pink unicorn is likely to be found:

    it's nonsense.

  • BarefootServant

    er, LuckyC... which research group has been looking for 'genetic sin markers'? Do they know what these markers look like? Do they know what every single byte of DNA codes for? Do they even know what most of the DNA codes for? I don't think so.... Printing out the machine code for Windows operating system doesn't mean you understand how it does what it does.

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