A good friend of mine was df'd this week.

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  • highdose

    so sorry to hear this, are we allowed to know what songs it was that he wrote in the jw song book?

  • Dagney

    Ditto what sweet pea said. Can't say it any better.

    I know emotions run the full gamut with the execution of innocents. Your stand now, and the respect you both have earned through the years will have an effect, I just know it.

    In the mean time, I am so glad the WTBS light is a bit more dim with your departure.

    Love you,

    J xx

  • freddo

    To whoknows:-

    I am an ocean away and yet I feel your pain. You gave your lives to their false promises and these twisted souls treat you like rubbish ...

    "Forgive them for they do not know what they do!" The problem is they do know what they do!

  • DaCheech

    i was reading and reading and to my dismay there was no 2cents from reniaa on this thread.... darn

  • besty

    Its amazing how much more damaging it is to the WTS when they pursue and hound people who are happy to walk away quietly.

    Between Roberto the Assembly Overseer in Switzerland and now these guys here in California this is a very bad week for the WTS - by DF'ing these 3 people it will directly result in hundreds if not thousands more leaving. (It's an exponential effect you dumbasses)

    That's when you realize they really are just deluded victims in Brooklyn and elsewhere - otherwise they would not shoot themselves so badly in both feet all the time. It's a terrible thing when you believe you are the voice and government of god on earth. DUH. The same story of religious persecution at the hands of those who hear voices in their heads has been replayed over many thousands of years.

    But their loss is our gain - were it not for JWN we would never have had the pleasure of meeting DNCall and whoknows - thank you Simon - and thank you DNCall and whoknows for not just lurking on here but posting enough about yourselves to make us want to reach out and contact you.

    You have made our stay in California so much more fun and we will be life time friends that's for sure.

    EDIT - DNCall - get busy on your story - it's gonna be a keeper :-))))))

  • AllTimeJeff

    This perked me up.. Which song did he write?

  • besty

    I think 191 Make The Truth Your Own - stand to be corrected on that though....

  • Gayle

    Do they have family/relatives still in?

  • treadnh2o

    Now I will listen to all the songs backwards and let you all know of this "hidden" apostate message.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I believe they have a son and daughter. The daughter was df'd some time ago. Thier son is inactive I think. I bumped into him a month back. It was good seeing him again.

    The dumbing down continues. As long as u have an ounce of sense in you, it's only a matter of time

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