Committee Meeting Wants Details, oh BS

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  • Heaven

    Ooooh.... I'd give them details! Just not the ones they'd be expecting.

  • rebel8
    I was reproved when I was a lot younger my experience similar to yours yadda very straght forward not the high drama the poster would have us believe. Reniaa

    "The poster" was not talking about your experience. He was talking about his own.

    Or do you believe everyone's experiences in the Borg Collective are identical?

  • insearchoftruth

    I guess the elders would also expect the same from a member who had an unbelieving mate, wouldn't they?????

  • bluecanary

    My JC wanted details. They interrogated me and my husband together because we committed loose conduct prior to marriage. I guess the details were needed to figure out whether it was "loose conduct" "porneia" or "uncleanness". The word I would pick is "humiliating".

    I confessed it in the first place because I thought that's why Jehovah's spirit was lacking in my marriage. Turns out I married an @s$h0le and was part of a depressing religion.

  • AgentSmith
    Bluecanary wrote: Turns out I married an @s$h0le and was part of a depressing religion.

    LOL, If I had been drinking something It would have been all over the keyboard!!! LOL

  • imconfused

    bluecanary, me & my husband did the same thing - admitted to sex before marriage as we thought its what we needed to do. Thankfully they didnt ask any details. They said as your married now what happened it between you two, knowing yuo had sex is all they needed to know. I was still so emabrassed, I cried tons.

    We got a private telling off and restrictions but that was it, then we started to fall away anyway.

  • cawshun

    My Son-in-law was called in for a jc when he was dating my daughter, he was questioned for 3 hours and they wanted details. He told my daughter about it and she told me. I was so ticked off. I guess I should have gone up there and told them to stay out of my daughters business. I let it go and I wish I hadn't now.

  • RubaDub
    you four elders will form a circle jerk

    I think the current term used at this time is "jerk by committee"

    Rub a Dub

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Bluecanary nailed it with this, IMO:

    I guess the details were needed to figure out whether it was "loose conduct" "porneia" or "uncleanness".

    The illdoers may or may not be a bunch of prying pervs at heart. However, the stupid rules & regs at times make them ask questions that no person with a heart would ever ask.

    Neat & simple: If a JW admits to having "sexual intercourse" with a co-worker for instance, there's really not much reason to know all the particulars of foreplay and who put what where and when. There's a clear confession of "porneia" and now all the geezers have to determine is repentance. I'm sure the dirty old men elders are disappointed when the info gets put on the table this plainly.

    Big friggin, embarrasing mess: Now, let's look at a much more painful, sick hypothetical JC. You've got a teen-age JW girl who's still living at home. Daddy gets to attend the JC since he's the spiritual "head". Girl goes to party, err, get together, and she and another JW guy half-way undress and do some kissing, fondling through fabric and perhaps a bit of dry grinding, all with fabric covering the naughty bits.

    This will likely take 10-15 minutes of traumatizing questions because it's not clear at the outset just how far things went. The girl is naturally VERY embarrassed and so isn't very forthcoming with details. Hence all the probing questions. Whether the old guys get off on it or not, the questions have to be asked in order for the paperwork to be properly done.

    All quite loving and scriptural.

    Glad I no longer serve on these things.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Oh yeah, let's add a chapter to the Big Embarrasing Mess scenario.

    JW daughter tells Daddy that all that happened was some kissing and brief touching through clothes. In reality, she and Romeo had sex every way you can imagine but they've agreed to just admit to fondling since that's all that was seen when someone barged in on them. Then half-way through her testimony, she either 1.) Picks up on little hints from the JC that Romeo has already confessed to everything or 2.) Is overwhelmed by guilt and the intimidating nature of the whole proceedings and decides to just spill her guts.

    Add another 10-15 minutes of really sick questioning to the above scenario.


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