Committee Meeting Wants Details, oh BS

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  • vikesgirl101

    I do not doubt for a single moment this poster's story. I believe it did happen. It happened to me as well. There was no brushing it under the rug. I had two THREE hour meetings (that is six hours!!) of questioning. They wanted ALL DETAILS!!

    I have talked to other ministrers, pastors, and etc in recent months. They were mortified by this. They also felt it was extremely inappropriate. That is the way I feel too.

    Sorry for your bad expeience.

  • Leprechaun

    The I wonder what would happen if the Elders requested a Judicial Committee meeting but no offenders anywhere in the world, would attend????? And if they did by chance, the would be transgressor would only set there and smile a chelsy cat grin, and difinitly say nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ldrnomo

    Reniaa, as a former elder that has sat on JC's about fornication, I witnessed the questions first hand. I don't know why they didn't ask those questions of you.

    Perhaps they could see in your eyes that you were totally guilty and did not need to go deeper. Or perhaps you did not look titillating enough for them to want to ask those questions of you. They may have just wanted to get you out of their sight.


  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Ldrnomo...I would have LOVED it if you would have talked at the KH like you just did to Raniaa when you were my PO!!!!!!!

  • ldrnomo

    Justitia, I would have loved it too.


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