Committee Meeting Wants Details, oh BS

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  • Leprechaun

    I remember when I like a real stupid ass went to a committee meeting for enjoying committing so called immorality, when in my view I was making love and I enjoyed every dam minute of it. Well any way those stupid elders whom I knew personally for many years wanted to know every juicy (no pun intended) tid bit of what went on between me and this good friend of mine, a long time sister in good standing, I told them What The Hell, you guys don’t know what Sex is! You stupid ass’s! Do You have to have ever thing spelled out! I told them, You perverted assholes. So then one of them says well now brother, we need to know what each step lead up to, so they ask me again we need to know did you or her initiate blah blah or was it you that started blah blah blah. I finally told them do what you want with me I don’t give a rats ass about your procedures, as far as I am concerned you four elders will form a circle jerk after I am gone if I was too tell you in detail all the stupid answers to your questions, anyway and I am not participating in this BS. It was more like what a bunch of good old boys would be talking about down at the corner bar. It was then I told the watchtower society to shit in their hat, and I haven’t been back since!

  • BorgHater

    Nicely done, Leprechaun

    If only more people told those perverts where to go. In fact, it's probably got more to do with them enjoying the power they have in JC meetings and the humiliation they enjoy putting the 'sinner' through. Either way, it's perverted and there is no need for it .

  • Colton

    "form a circle jerk" LMAO! Nice one.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    I was at a JC for fornication many years ago. The elders were the complete opposite to your experience - they just said "you committed fornication?" I said "Yes." And then we got on with the business of reproving me. No salacious details were asked for at all.

  • reniaa

    I was reproved when I was a lot younger my experience similar to yours yadda very straght forward not the high drama the poster would have us believe.


  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    "would have us believe"

    are you implying the poster is lying? having trouble believing that some people have experiences different to yours? paranoid?

    yep, you're a j-dub...

  • WuzLovesDubs

    "would have us believe" is EXACTLY like he said happened to him, though I didnt reply as he did...thought to though. They DID want every sordid detail. And this was the second one I had been in. The first was to testify against a brother who was sleeping with everything that moved. And again...every single detail was required.

  • cantleave

    I have sat on quite a few JC's in my time. If there is a confession then there is no need for details. I certainly never wanted to know the "details" just wanted to help the brother or sister stay in the "Truth". If there isn't a confession but an accusation an investigation will be required, but again no need for salacious details! It sounds to me Leprachaun that the JC you were on did not follow procedure. My issue is that Elders on these committees will often have made their minds up before even listening to the parties involved. The chances are if you are not a relative of the Elders you will be Df'd and if you are related you will be reproved. If someone has commited a naughty on more than one occasion they are assumed hardened (excuse the pun) sinners when in fact they are probably just having great difficulty meeting the impossible demands placed upon them by the org. The Elders are judge, jury and executioner and too often abuse their positions. BTW I have never been before JC so I have no axe to grind, but I have seen some terrible injustices that made my blood boil.

  • besty

    I spoke with one young sister who had been DF for immorality and then reinstated - she told me her body of elders had got pretty intimate with the questions.

    Heard of this too often for it to be coincidence. Plenty elders have confirmed it too. Of course when trying to judge someones heart and repentance it might be easier to follow Jesus's advice - just as not as cult-friendly doing it the old fashioned Christian way.

  • Athanasius

    I remember serving on a JC that was considering the reinstatement of a sister who had been disfellowshipped by another congregation's JC. We noted her repentant attitude and recommended that she be reinstated. Afterward she thanked our JC for not requesting that she explain all the gory details about the sexual act that caused the other JC to DF her.

    Being aware that some JCs went too far in their request for intimate details of "sexual wrongdoing," any JC that I served on I made sure that such questions were not asked of the person. What do these details have to do with the person's repentence? However, there were elders who got their jollys off asking such intimate questions.

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