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  • sacolton

    I never smoked it, but I ate several "magic brownies".

  • Mastodon

    Look, hip, I used to smoke it and developed problems with paranoia. I also "moved up", so to speak, to harder drugs.

    I believe mj is frequently a stepping stone to cocaine, meth, heroine, pcp, etc.

    At least it was for me, and ALL of my high school friends.


    People react in different ways to different things.

    In my experience, I've never, EVER, had paranoia. Never had the jones for anything harder. None of my friends and/or co-workers have gotten into anything harder. So maybe it's you and your 'high school friends' that were the 'dumb fucks'.I doubt the effect on teenagers is the same on adults.

    On the other hand, I have safely done away with 3 different prescription drugs since I started. I started after I turned 30.

    So there maybe a possibility that what works for some people, doesn't work for others.

  • mraimondi

    alcohol = marijuana.

    if you dont think so, shut the fuck up, warlock.

  • Twitch

    I'd rather smoke one than get drunk any day. I'd get munchies, play some vids, chillax as opposed to falling down, slurring, talking trash loud n proud, picking fights and being a danger to others due to lack of good judgement. Of course, I'm talking of extremes but when in Rome,...

    As far as it being a gateway drug, this is true, some do progress to harder drugs. I did a few chemicals but just coz I smoked a fattie didn't change my mind about stickin a pin in my arm. I had some measure of self control and it's been 15 years since I did any of those things. The guys I knew that went over the line with grass and harder drugs had far deeper issues. Not everyone has those tendencies.

    Alcohol has a worse effect on people in general IMO. It brings out the devil in some,...;)

  • Colton

    Resorting to name calling now? "dumb fucks"?

  • mraimondi

    never had any paranoia here...

  • shamus100

    had any paranoia here

    Denial is the first sign... if I had no paranoia I wouldn't even mention it.

  • parakeet

    "Nothing God created is evil. Only men make it so."

    From the film "Traffik"

  • mraimondi

    shamus, im sure you have a hard time reading, but they were talking about paranoia. So i responded i never had any. Is this truly a sign of denial?

    "oh hey, i got sick this morning, could it have been that food? How do you feel? are you sick?"

    "no im not sick"


  • shamus100


    Do you think I actually have time to read this piece of shit thread?

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