People STILL believe in Demons and Ghosts on this site...bloody 16th Century rubbish!

by Witness 007 74 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Warlock


    Go have another drink.


  • loosie

    Their are things that can't be explained. Saying they don't exist is a cop out when they can't be explained.

    My cat died two weeks ago. I heard her meow last night. Same thing with my son 6 months after he died I could still hear him coo and talk.

    I certainly hope our energy does still go on. There are some energies I need to talk to. There are some dead JW's who need an ass kicking from me.

  • Warlock

    Why don't some of you "skeptics" google "Ghosts" and read every first-hand account.

    Then, go ahead and "explain" them, "scientifically", of course.

    As a matter of fact, why don't you e-mail those people, if their e-mail is provided, and tell them what they saw or heard is NOT what they saw or heard.

    Then goole "UFO", and do the same thing.


  • BluesBrother

    Just because you have never seen one , does not prove that they do not exist..

    Are you as sure about all other unproven phenomena?

    Space Aliens, Crop Circles, ??

  • vikesgirl101

    well, you've got to expect a bunch of the people that come here to believe in supernatural things, right?...

    Kudra: You are so right on this one. We have been blinded by an org that brainwashes us to believe that Satan will hijack our cars and posess our bodies if we leave. I don't have any ideas on this. Undecided. But I don't buy the JW crap anymore. I never walk down the streets of my town and think "That man must have a demon problem. Nobody in their right mind would wear those spandex pants."

    Just ain't happening.

  • sir82
    Why don't some of you "skeptics" google "Ghosts" and read every first-hand account.
    Then, go ahead and "explain" them, "scientifically", of course.

    I googled "flat-earth society" I believe the earth is flat.

    I googled "miracle wheat" I believe I can get a 45 million to 1 return on my seeds

    I googled "Elvis is still alive"...and now I believe he's flippin' burgers in Alaska.

    If it's in google, it must be true! That, and I can't explain any of it away scientifically.

    Wait, I've got it...Elvis ate some miracle wheat, which cured him of his drug addictions, and commenced to walk to the edge of the earth (Alaska, that is). Go ahead, prove me wrong!

  • m.seagull


    reminds me of the 2 homosexual ghosts who kept putting the willies up each other.

    every one of those stupid programs where they get you all riled up to see a ghost is actually just a bunch of sad f**kers walking around on night vision camera looking freaky with black irises while they jump over imagined noises.

  • Warlock


    Did you google what I asked?


  • sir82

    Of course!

    34 million hits for "ghosts"

    22 million hits for "flat earth"

    Hmmm...maybe a flat earth is only 2/3 as believable as ghost stories?

  • MissingLink

    Sir82 made his point quite well. Your "suggestion" couldn't be more useless to "prove" that ghosts are real.

    I have an open and logical mind at this point, and would LOVE to see a ghost/demon/angel/ufo/goblin/whatever. Maybe I would understand our universe better by not missing out on some aspect of it. But guess what - these things DONT and WONT appear to people like me. They only appear to the supersticious. What does that tell you? Of all of the thousands of claims - how many have been proven? ZERO!

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