Hey! Mouthy Just Said She's Going To The Hospital!!!

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  • Yizuman

    /me is pacing back and forth with a knot in my tummy.

    I sure hope she'll be checked out ok! I'm very worried! Me wants Granny's hug!


  • dinah

    I sure hope we didn't wear our Granny out.


    I just read the Thread..Granny says she may have "Wind"......She may have to Fart!...........Somebody should have told her,she can do that at home!..............................You`ve got to love Canada..The only place in the world you can go to the Hospital to Fart!...........................Granny is gonna send me to my room when she gets back............LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • Dagney


  • dinah

    Hell, Outlaw. Granny just made me pray. Somebody check with Brin. Armageddon must surely be here.

  • orangefatcat

    Dear Grace,

    My prayers and thoughts are with you at this time.

    May our Lord sustain you and keep you strong and with the Holy Spirit and the Grace of our Eternal Father bless you always.

    your dear friend and fellow servant in Christ


  • jamiebowers

    I hope she's ok. She was on the conference call Saturday night.

  • mouthy

    Oh you lot are wonderful Thank you!! just got home
    They wanted to keep me another couple of hours to take another
    blood test. I still have the pain ,but they took an ecg?or what ever it was.
    tubes on ankles, breasts, chests, back etc:
    gave me oxygen , lots of test.But I discharged myself
    Sue my daughter wanted me to stay,,,but the Wonderful Dr explained
    I had made up my mind ,,,but told me it was MY dicission.
    He felt because I had a lot of stress today, A woman got intouch with me
    about her daughter who is a very devoted JW & giving her a very hard time
    So I guess i over did it. The Dr asked what I did when the pains started >?
    I explained I have a MINISTRY to EX JWs. He wanted to know about it...
    He laughed heartily when I told him I didnt think I was going anywhere
    Told him my hubby was up there yelling not to let me up there as it was
    heaven with out me. Was astonished when I told him I got kicked out
    for not believing in 1914....He told my daughter ,he could not INSIST I stay
    But hoped I would return if they got worse. I still have the pains.

    Could be the Rheamatoid Arthrites. But he said he "was very pleased to have met me.
    And knew Sue( my daughter) didnt have a leg to stand on. I had my own mind."
    Thank you all for your loving concern & prayers & good thoughts

    Going to hit the sack now to you all

    Thank you all for ypur loving concern

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Thanks for giving us an update, Grace. Get a good night's sleep and check in with us in the morning.


    I gotta tell ya GG, I am glad you updated this before I started reading it. Just those few moments of worry were quite enough for me!


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