Hey! Mouthy Just Said She's Going To The Hospital!!!

by Yizuman 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • Yizuman

    Hey Granny,

    Glad you're ok. Now I can sleep well tonight. ( a truck load of this!)

    Keep us posted please! Hope the tests shows everything good in your favor!


  • jamiebowers

    Thank God!

  • Sunspot

    I am so grateful that you are home! I know you are in bed now but I will be able to sleep so much better myself now that I know things were not life-threatening. You are so precious and dear to so many of us that have grown to love you over the years here.....so you will have to forgive us for wanting to hang on to you as long as we possibly can.

    Get lots of rest and do try not to get involved with stressful situations that are not good for you.

    love and hugs,


  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I'm glad you are back and hopefully feeling better even though you are bad person who doesn't believe in 1914.

  • Virgochik

    Granny Grace, you are feisty just like my own granny, but you've had the courage to make a break from the Tower, and she's still in. She's very old now (95) and has no will to leave now tho she's not stupid. Good for you- you've helped so many and shown us life is good when we break free! There's lots more work for you to do so don't go yet!


    (((Mouthy)))..You have just made a lot of people very Happy................................OUTLAW

  • BabaYaga

    Just saw this thread, thank the heavens you're alright, Precious One!

    Love to you, Grace!


  • LouBelle

    Howdy Granny Grace - praying that everything comes back normal. You got to take care of yourself lil lady.

    I've got a couple of home recipes for high blood pressure / colestral - honey and cinamin with hot water - drink it like a tea.

    I also hope you take 1/2 an asprin every second day to keep the blood thin.

    My own granny is in fragile care at the moment (this is the JW granny) Her feet and legs went numb - I'm worried about her, but with me being disfellowshipped she doesn't want anything to do with me.....I may just go see her in any case and even if she looks right through me I let her know she is still loved!.

    Love to you too Granny Grace.

  • wobble

    Big loving hugs to Granny Grace !!!! and kisses XXXXXX

    You had us worried !

    If Outlaws diagnosis is correct, and it is just wind, have a bit of fun and set light to it ,in a safe place of course.



  • mouthy

    Thank you all .Make an old one cry..I am up,,, still got the slight pain now...
    must be the RA
    Every one of your comments were heart felt for me ,,,,believe me.!!!!
    some one on here sent me the enclosed video
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5uVrbH9lME Guess he thought I was a nut case LOL

    which of course I am ....Thank God for ALL of you...... TRUTHFULLY

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