The "They Are Imperfect" Excuse

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  • jeeprube

    Looks like Reniaa is highjacking this thread too.

    I hate this excuse! Of course the GB is imperfect and they've made mistakes. We all get that, but how does that FACT translate into believing in them even more? Because that's what JW's do.....they openly admit the fallibility of the GB and then revere them as if they are infallible! They say they don't. They'll argue for hours that they don't. Go to any Kingdom Hall in the world though, and say outloud, "You know, I don't think the GB is Jehovah's channel and so I'm not gonna accept some of the stuff they write." You'll be kicked out on your ass so fast it will make your head spin! Overnight you'll go from being a loved and valued member of the congregation, to the spawn of Satan himself!

    Hell, just post it on your MySpace or Facebook page.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    The problem, as has been pointed out, is that they want it both ways. They want its members to believe that they(the FDS) have a special position before god, and use this belief as a means of exercising control over them. Accept what they say without question, because they are god's appointed channel. It is only after they are proven wrong that they fall back on being imperfect men, who never claimed to speak for God.

    They want the control over people's lives, while assuming none of the responsibility that this entails.

  • jeeprube
    They want the control over people's lives, while assuming none of the responsibility that this entails.

    Exactly! I wonder how our JW apologist will respond to this?

  • palmtree67

    I can't listen to Reniaa any longer.

    It doesn't bother me that people in the organization are imperfect. IT'S HOW THEY DEAL WITH THOSE IMPERFECTIONS THAT BOTHERS ME!!!

    If they make a mistake, then admit it, fix it and move on.

    They aren't even admitting the mistakes, let alone fixing them.

  • snowbird
    They want the control over people's lives, while assuming none of the responsibility that this entails.


    They never apologize for the pain and confusion any so-called refinements leave in its wake and they make you feel like a fool for believing it in the first place.

    That, imo, is satanic.


  • hamsterbait

    I am heartily sick to death of hearing it - always when they go it wrong AGAIN!!

    They never say "this is noolite - of course we are just imperfect men so feel free to disagree."

    The opening of the Revelation (anti)Climax book is nauseating in its diingenuousness.

    p9:The mysteries in ... Revelation have long baffled sincere students of the Bible (what is an "insincere student"?) ... Only God's spirit could make known the meaning as the appointed time drew near. (see Luke 21: 8)

    Those sacred secrets would be made revealed to God's zealous slaves on earth. ( ie US and don't disagree or well make sure God KILLS you)

    It is not claimed that the explanations in this publication are infallible. (try openly arguing against them and see what happens!!) Like Joseph of old we say "Do not interpretations belong to God? (so why are they interpreting it?)

    ... We firmly believe that the explanations set forth herein harmonise with the Bible." (the revealing of an earthly class of Christians - they claim it was not taught by the apostles, yet this is the meaning of Rev 7 put forth by these imperfect men. Unfortunately their imperfect memories fail to recall Galations 1: 8)

    Throughout the book when they contradict something they printed before, they say "some have taught that" Instead of just saying "we imperfect men taught this or that and we got it WRONG."

    I think sick to death of them is an understatement. Why can't they just shut their big arrogant mouths?


  • shamus100

    Reinna is an idiot. Who cares?

    All organised religion is probably a sham anyways - why would god allow this to happen in any religion? God is deaf, dumb and blind. Oh wait, it's just Satan testing you....

    There are thousands of excuses out there - which one are you going to use?

  • Scully

    When an Imperfect™ cog-in-the-wheel JW makes a mistake, they are expected to repent, apologize and ask forgiveness, and if the error is significant enough, they can be kicked out/disfellowshipped™.

    When the Imperfect™ men who make up the Governing Body™ make a mistake, even one that costs lives (ie, organ transplant ban) or ruins the lives of children (ie, two eyewitnesses to child sexual abuse before DFing the molestor), there is NO repentance, NO apology and NO contrite request for forgiveness from those harmed. Instead, there are legal teams - paid for with money donated to the World Wide Pedophile Protection Education Fund™ - trying to weasel out of any financial compensation or responsibility for harm caused by way of their evil policies. There are means put in place to silence the victims of these evil policies, cutting them off from friends and loved ones, because they DARED to speak out, to stand up for themselves, to expose the EVIL that was done to them with the connivance of the WTS's leadership.

    Even the Catholic Church has a MUCH better track record in this respect than the WTS. At least they have the humility to recognize the harm that has been caused in the name of the church and apologize for complicity in that harm.

  • Rocky_Girl

    I hear ya, LouBelle. My mom uses this all the time. "Angie, don't let the actions of imperfect men turn you away from Jehovah God!" Said with tear placed in eye. The thing is, I probably would have stayed 'in' had there been even the hint of humility in ANY of those imperfect men.

    I do not forgive those who do not ask for forgiveness. I let it go in my heart and leave it, but I do not allow the same people to lie and hurt over and over without restraint. I will not allow these imperfect men with god complexes to treat my children the way they treated me, my friends, my parents, and my family.

    Yes, they are imperfect. So am I! But I'm humble enough to admit that I have made mistakes and I will hear out anyone who wishes to enlighten me when I am wrong.



    I am sick and tired of that lame-ass excuse as well.

    I am also sick of those on this board that defend it. If I wanted to hear that bullshit I would just show up at the local hall.

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