The "They Are Imperfect" Excuse

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  • truthseeker

    Mraimondi, the problem is that Jehovah is an exact God, for whom it is impossible to lie.

    Anyone claiming to represent him as his sole channel on earth must also not lie when they speak in his name.

    There is no margin for error, as the Holy Writ says "you cannot be partaking of the table of Jehovah and the table of demons"

  • hamsterbait

    Reniaa has JUMPED THREAD dont waste posts replying to an absent deity.


  • mraimondi

    haha Reniaa, is treated like a DIETY here.

    anyway, there's no way a small group can reverse the corrupt teachings of the mainstream religion of almost 2000 years without making some mistakes. They really came a long way - really, the JWs are a step in the right direction, they just fuck it all up with more, additional, almost pharisaic teachings.

    I cant speak for the organization, the highers up could be right backwards for all i know.

    however, the people i knew in the organization were open to change, and waiting for more change, they realize even RIGHT NOW that the borg doesnt have everythign right. How could they?

    again, i feel the need to reiterate that im glad im not a part of it, too much arbitrary bullshit...

    but, credit where credit is due.

  • hamsterbait

    Belive me, when Jarasz croaks, the power struggle will result in a GB who will make changes you will not believe.

    I am extrapolating form previous power struggles ( inlcuding the Freddie F long illness in isolation)

    i f you think the doctrinal changes of late are anything...

    The 1935 generation teaching is just the start. And every change will be self-serving to the GB. none of them born BEFORE 1935 by that time...


  • mraimondi

    im sorry, i do not follow their teachings anymore, so, any changes they make are irrelevant to me. The society as a whole is irrelevant to me.

    They came a long way, but they are continuing down a bad road.

  • HintOfLime

    Since they are imperfect, their teachings are imperfect, they are therefore no different from anyone elses' imperfect teachings really.

    Were there a God, would be smite one religion because they only got it 94% correct, and another got it 94.2% correct? Give me a freaking break. No god would be so shallow or stupid.

    And NO, I do not buy for a second that witnesses have a 'superior' understanding than anyone else. There are hundreds of dimensions to measure on, and two extremes for each dimension. Witnesses take preaching to one extreme (imaginging it is the most important of God's commandments), but then love (which actually was the most important) they take to the opposite extreme (love is shallow, out of obligation, and disposable).

    Witness love to get caught up in over-exaggerating every tiny suggestion the bible in a complex business-like way, all the while completely missing the main message.

    - Lime

  • trebor

    Hi mraimondi,

    Teaching/Beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses parallel Christadelphians in many areas.


    -State that their beliefs are based wholly on the Bible.
    -They believe that God is the creator of all things and the father of true believers, that he is a separate being from his son, Jesus Christ.
    -Jesus is the promised Messiah, in whom the prophecies and promises of the Old Testament find their fulfilment.
    -After death, believers are in a state of non-existence, knowing nothing until the Resurrection.
    -Reject a number of doctrines held by many other Christians, notably the immortality of the soul, trinitarianism,the baptism of infants,the personhood of the Holy Spirit.
    -Hell is understood to refer to death and the grave, rather than being a place of eternal torment.
    -Organised into local congregations
    -Women are typically not eligible to teach
    -Refuse to participate in any military because they are conscientious objectors.
    -A strong emphasis on personal Bible reading and study

    Those are just some of the similarities. Any credit for the above given to Jehovah's Witnesses can equally be given to Christadelphians.

    Teaching/Beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses parallel House of Yahweh as well:

    -Membership of all races from nations all over the globe welcoming all "who will repent of sin and follow Yahweh's Law."
    -Claims to be associated with no other faith and indeed asserts that other faiths, especially Christianity, are corrupt and false.
    -Believes it is the one true faith, as revealed by the Creator from the beginning, and reestablished again in what they believe are the prophesied end times.
    -Christmas, Easter, and birthdays are not celebrated.
    -Once a year on the evening before Passover, members hold a solemn observance Memorial, referring to the Last Supper of Jesus Christ.
    -Yahweh is the only one who deserves worship or adoration, and is the sovereign and only creator and ruler of the universe.
    -Yahshua Messiah gave all glory, honor and obedience to Yahweh who is not a trinity, but one individual being with no equal or partners.
    -They publish an edition of the Bible, which removes any and all words or concepts which are thought to be pagan corruptions.

    Again, just some of the similarities. Any credit for the above given to Jehovah's Witnesses can equally be given to House of Yahweh.

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