What are the Major Issues with Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • AllTimeJeff

    It's safe to say that in most instances, it appears that the catalyst for the final move away from JW's, the real start of a road toward a JW exit, is something that affected you personally, whether that was you or a loved one/family member. We hit our personal BS level, can't take it anymore,

    THEN we start to examine the flaws of JW dogma.

    I would suggest that most do not start a JW exit because they examine the dogma on a personal study project and find out that something isn't right. For my part, I went through my own personal hell, which somehow loosened me up and allowed me to give myself permission to explore all the weird oddities that are JW teachings.

    I think it easier to see and discuss whats wrong with JW's from a personal point of view, (which is probably how it should be) because of how harmed people are.

    However, in the abstract, JW's are wrong because of their incorrect prophecies, their out and out cynical lies concerning changing dogma and prophecies that didn't come true, and the psychological problems that ensue as a result of following the unique and cruel "standards." (shunning immediate family anyone?)

    Oh, did I mention blood transfusions and the deaths that results?

    JW's are fond of saying they have the truth, but few see it because Satan has blinded most... Obviously, the truth is that JW teachings are so weird, so unusual, that they will really only attract a certain subset of the general population. They can't ever be big. It just won't work. They can't even guarantee that JW parents can keep their kids as practicing JW's. These days, JW's can't count on anything.

    While I do think that the GB will have continued success in general in scaring their membership from the internet, they continue to face a losing battle with how much information is out there regarding JW's on the internet. The rate of slowing growth (as Japan remarkably demonstrates) is in direct proportion to how easy it is to fact check what JW's claim with other resources. In the last 10 years, it can be claimed for the first time that there is a generally available resource (the internet) to fact check JW's. Prior to this, a potential convert generally had to decide on their own whether to believe JW's or not. Not anymore.

    The occasional JW apologist who come on boards like this further demonstrate an unwillingness by JW's to debate JW teachings on anything other then JW approved material and concepts, when it is in fact these materials and concepts that are in question in the first place!

    My whole point in this long post is that there are two arguments to be made against JW's. The personal ones we all know well. But the other arguments, regarding a strictly abstract study of JW teachings, dogma, and history, is just as compelling, much less personal, and I believe generally more effective in educating non JW's who are curious about the dangers inherit in being a JW.

    There is the face that JW's put on, and then there is the truth.

    The issues facing JW's are not just the lives ruined (which is bad enough) but that the group as a whole believe in absolute weirdness. They drink, eat, and bathe in it, and they are so use to it, I truly believe the leadership doesn't understand just how much everyone has them pegged.

    Lately, even JW's who are still in are pegging them as well. Thats good news for all. It's the rot that the GB can't control, and doesn't seem to understand.

  • reniaa

    Another bait thread to incite JW hate /sigh

  • AllTimeJeff

    Actually Reinna, its called education and knowledge. Believe it or not, its not evil!



  • Yizuman


    That's what seems to scare Reniaa, she just won't examine her own religion and trusts in men as the bible warns against....

    Jeremiah 17:5 (New International Version)

    5 This is what the LORD says:
    "Cursed is the one who trusts in man,
    who depends on flesh for his strength
    and whose heart turns away from the LORD.

    Reniaa, you just think you're serving Jehovah when in actuality you're following the GB who are men.

    Hey, try this. Look up how many pages of materials of last year's publications you have read verses how many bible verses you were made to read. You'll find out that you're reading more watchtower materials than you do with the bible, alone.

    So try this, pick up the KJV, which is the most reliable version there is if you're concerned about it (plus at the time when the bible was translated in English, they had on hand 8,000 manuscripts of both the OT and the NT. The monks kept copies of the scriptures and they weren't exactly Catholics I don't believe. They're sorta close, like Orthodox Monks. They kept the scriptures safe from the tyranny of the Vatican who ruled at the time with an iron fist and forbade anyone from reading the bible as the Priests were the only ones that can translate and interprete the bible.) then you'll prolly want a dictionary.

    Try reading the bible alone.

    My question Reniaa is this, would Jehovah mislead you if you read the bible alone without the WT?

    Go ahead, read it and trust in the Holy Spirit to be there for you when you read the scriptures (John 14:26).

    You'll be glad you did.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Yes Reniaa, it is very easy to evoke a hate responce from a JW.

    Sad isn't it?

    It makes life very difficult when your entire family is in the cult.

  • AllTimeJeff


    I agree with you in principle that anyone exiting JW's should read it on their own and come to their own conclusions. (always debateable those pesky conclusions of course)

    But thats just the point, being a JW means that you are discouraged, if not outright forbidden to research things on your own. One's conscience is always at the mercy of the GB while a JW.

  • inkling
    Another bait thread to incite JW hate /sigh

    Actually Reniaa , it's pretty much a thread perfectly consistent
    with the tone of this entire forum...

    Wait, why are you even here in the first place?


  • OnTheWayOut
    Another bait thread to incite JW hate /sigh

    Another bait comment to incite Reniaa arguments.

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    You're trained not to think for yourselves. Anytime the dubs are talking about the way the world is I guarantee it's usually followed by the man can't direct his own step speech. But get this: If god would get off his ass and bring about this utopia that is the paradise that dubs hold so dear then maybe, just maybe, man wouldn't have to try to direct his step so much. But as it turns out god (of the bible) is a frakkin deadbeat. It's like if you went to a train station. You have somewhere you want to go right? You get to the platform and wait for the train. After a few moments you go up to somebody and ask "When is the train supposed to come?" They respond "It's coming very soon." So, trusting in what you have just been told, you turn to the bench and wait. More time passes. You go up to someone else and ask them if they have anymore info on the trains arrival then the previous inquired person. Their response, "It'll be here shortly." After a while you're going to get tired of waiting around and go on about your business. The reason why this religion works, is because of the whole "Soon, very soon" thing. This is the key to sustaining all of this. "Soon, very soon" is enticing. It makes you think you're on the brink of this system being gone and you need to get in AND FAST!! Another example: You've seen the Sham-Wow! commercial right? They talk all this marvelous stuff about this product. How it holds multiple times its weight in water. How olympic divers use it to dry their skin. How it'll save your carpet from nasty stains and mildew. How you can use it to dry your sweaters, dogs, dishes, for shower mat......How the Germans always makes good stuff. And then comes the hard sell. "We'll give you 2 big Sham-Wows and 2 little Sham-Wows for $19.95, but if you CALL RIGHT NOW, because WE CAN'T DO THIS ALL DAY...." Freeze! This statement is designed to make you believe that after a short amount of time, they won't be offering the special deal where you get 8 Sham-Wows for $19.95. And this very same commercial has been running since at least January. That's not just all day, it's been all of 6 months or more. Another thing the commercial says is that the product is "NOT SOLD IN STORES". Well I don't know about you, but I can go to my local CVS Pharmacy and find the item in question in a STORE. The CO is at my local KH and Thursday the whole thing was about "not slipping away, not drifting off into a dangerous situation. This statement is designed to preemtive strike against and sever any thought that one may have about leaving the cong. The reason: To sustain their numbers and get other victims. They'll even tell you about how Satan can transform into a beacon or angel of light. And yet, I can't even count how many demonstrations I've seen where the "householder" intially told the dub their stance and the dub found a way to get around that! Of course the "householder" is NEVER standoffish and also never lets their No mean No. Even while stating their stance they ALWAYS have this underlying inquisitive nature. I mean it's extremely sitcomish. I'm pretty sure god doesn't have guts, but if he did, I'd be hating every spirit cell of them.

  • mindmelda

    The religion would have no real power over anyone without the practice of disfellowshipping for doctrinal differences or certain behaviors.

    I wonder how many would be sitting in the KHs without a doubt in their minds if they could just walk away without consequence?

    I have a feeling a third to a half of Kingdom Halls are filled with people who are questioning or doubting, at least a little, what is taught to them there.

    I sat there and argued back in my mind with the Watchtower or with the speaker for years before I finally just quit putting myself through that for appearances sake.

    If "apostasy" in the sense of disputing the WTS teachings or questioning them starts there, in the mind, I've been one most of the 36 years I went to meetings.

    Hate is not what I feel for them. I feel compassion mixed with a certain frustration that comes from helplessness. I'm sure I can't do or say any one thing that would change anyone's mind if they really want that life. I'm sure that compassion would be returned with contempt, but still, I think they are in need of it as much as anyone is.

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