What are the Major Issues with Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • Spike Tassel
    Spike Tassel

    The Major Issues with Jehovah's Witnesses are the major issues with Jehovah (whom they witness for). It is the deviation from Jehovah's standards and requirements with the following manifestions. Governments guided by Satan. Violence. Immorality. Spiritism. Social degradation. Ruination of the earth. Sin. These must all be exposed and opposedby means of the holy spirit and its fruitage. — Spike Tassel.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    Excellent points Jeff. I too had doubts about the doctrine but did not really stop to think about it until so many things in my life were wrong and I realized that JWs were the problem, not the solution.

    About Reniaa's post: I must say that JWs are very quick to criticize any other religion, but if anybody criticizes them, it is evil, satanic, and vicious.

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  • MarisaKristofiak


    -- and you fell for it!

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    My final straw was when my grandmom passed in 2003. She raised me since birth so in actuality she was my mom but had grandmom tendacies. Namely, not treating her kids the same way she treated me. She had been 'in the truth' since at least 1980. Because of 'failure to launch' issues I have (even now) I was sent into Job Corps once in 1995 and then again in 1999. When I came out of Job Corps in 2000 I was not allowed back home and had to rely on other family members, other family members who because of them being "part of this world" couldn't relate to me, nor I them. It was during this stay that I prayed and prayed for something to happen in my life that would say that I want to and can do it if given time to adjust to being 'out of the box' for the first time. Given gods supposed power I did not think this was outside the realm of possibility or that it was too much to ask. I obtained my CDL in 2001 and thought this may be the springboard to getting back to familiar territory, it was not. Every place I looked wanted people with experience. And locally, jobs weren't easy to find. However I worked at two telemarketing companies after driver training. I didn't quit those jobs but if you aren't getting people to give you money over the phone, you aren't viable to them and they let me go. I knew my moms health was going. I had one of those dreams where I could see me in third person. My great aunt and great uncle (people I was staying with) in this dream could not wake me up. I was dead. (end dream) I would call every now and then to talk to my grandmom but it was never anything good I could give her. I didn't like where I was staying and she knew about it, but I didn't want to make her feel any worse by my complaining. So, that day in 2003 I didn't call her. Hours later I get the call by my uncle (the one that stayed with her) that she was gone. He and his sister (my grandmoms kids) came home and found she'd died in her sleep. Turns out the dream I had the week earlier wasn't about my death but hers. I wanted to know why. Why didn't god do what I asked him to do? It was a simple task of helping me achieve some amount of success so that I could be home again. I started chain smoking. I'm totally devoid of any relationships but even if I had one it would suffer because I'd be distant to the worldy girl, and that leaves a JW whose truth I don't believe in anymore. I look back and see all the things I couldv'e been doing that would've displeased that good-for-zero, son of a b***h Jehovah but refrained from because of my upbringing. And I'm like: What was it for? What IS it for? Why do I walk this Earth surrounded by people but still feel alone? Of course I know I'm not alone, you guys have been hurt too, but it still doesn't make me feel any more positive. And when I say alone I mean a type of purgatory where I don't belong in either system of things. I hate how god was always answering the other people who asked 'why' even if it meant unconventional methods (i.e. burning bush, talking donkey, Isaac and Jacob, Israelites, King Solomon) yet here I have, for the most part, stayed away from what he has attitudes with, and this.....THIS is the thanks I get? F**k him! All I know is, he is REALLY lucky being a spirit. *walks away blasting "Numb" by Linkin Park on iPod*

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    I want to take every religion that has this kind of thought structure and crush the hell out of it, but then.....I'd have to get rid of the people too. He is REALLY lucky.

    1976 A.D. Ascended Devil

  • jabberwock

    I could not help but think of how Jehovah's Witnesses sometimes say that a person may need to experience the loss of a loved one or some other tragedy, a "personal hell" if you will, before they are willing to consider the message. I think this effect is exactly what you are describing.

    Sometimes I feel that I had to become "spiritually weak" before I was able to question, doubt, and finally disbelieve. It involved serious thought, earnest prayer, and deep agonizing. Unfortunately, a Witness would see it simply as someone become weaker and weaker until they finally collapse and surrender to temptation and imperfection.


  • boyzone

    Hi Wobble

    Thank you for your kind words. it WAS difficult to remember that time and write it down, you're very perceptive to notice - thanks!

    Its great when kids have the maturity to see when you've done your best in raising them and say so isn't it? My second eldest recently had his 24th birthday and we gave him a lovely day to celebrate. At the end of the day, he said, "You know something mum, this day has been one of the best days of my life. All I ve ever wanted is to have you, dad and my brothers around me on my birthday - and here we are. Thanks for making it so special"

    Those words from him meant ALOT to me and as a family we're all much closer because of loving each other without conditions. I just wish my parents were more involved with our lives - but I count my blessings, amd they're many!

    Its GREAT to be out...



  • wantarevolution

    In my case, it is a mixed bag

    1) i studied history to a fairly advanced level, and I am able to contextualise events into a time frame very easily purely because it was what I was trained to do. My "this is BS-o-metre" used to go "ding ding" in the prophecy books, but not the ones such as 607 etc, you don't need a particular skill to see through that one - the ones that ticked me off were the assemblies or talks that were "trumpet blasts". Whenever i think of assemblies, i know for a fact that they are only reported on in the papers cos they bring in money to the local economy, rather the content of the talks, which most witnesses zone out of at the best of times.I r

    But this is all part of the "self-important" rhetoric of the organisation, they have "ultimate truth", they "know" the best way for us to walk though life and perhaps worst of all - they HAVE ultimate authority over our interpersonal relationships.

    2) I grew up in a great hall, no doubt about it - my father was PO for all my young life, and was famous around our circuit for instituting "no jacket days" for the brothers doing the mic's or reading the watchtower, or taking the watchtower for that matter during the summer if it was particularly hot. There wasn't a hierarchy in our hall, my best friend was the son of a single mother who in a past existance had been a drug addict. I remember i was in a bar one night with a friend, and another friend called up and said that she was showing an american friend around the city, did we want to meet up, of course I said yeah, and this guy shows up with her- lovely guy from seattle. Anyway, we got on to talking about the congregation, when he asked in a real serious way "what do you call you PO", my own response was "well I call him dad" - he nearly fell out of his chair, cos he wouldn't have been considered worthy to hang out with a PO's kids in the states - it was my first "huh" moment that there was distinctions out there.

    Fast forward to a 2 years ago, I move to my present hall - and it is totally different. The PO doesn't know I exist, the pioneers are lauded as special even though i know for a fact that none of them got their hours in last year and aside from 1 elder who was just appointed, i have not seen any others out socially, even though there is an active social life in congregation.

    I feel part of another church, not the warm hall i grew up in - it makes me miserable, but it contributes to my feelings about the "stream of time".

    Basically i think a good equation for someone leaving the truth =

    (Personal Experiences) ± (examining believe system) = freedom

  • bobld

    Most R&F JW are good people.However,they put a false hope in the information from their leaders,sometimes referred to as:the slave,the fds,god's org, when in fact it's only the GB that provides the info.

    Take this weeks Sundays' WT study article,which I believe describes the leaders of this organization to a T.Para 1"Those who allow themselves to be influenced by such ones end up being "tossed about as by waves and carried hither and thither by every wind of teaching" Eph.4:14 AS an example, the many changes the GB made in the last few years trying to define the generation.There are many,many,many changes they made.In fact they closed down a website because the person used their own publications to point out all the changes.I don't know why the R&F fail to see the faulty reasoning of the GB,only if the read it with an open mind.


  • Spike Tassel
    Spike Tassel

    Spike Tassel (Post 84): On second thought, if it is "with" Jehovah's Witnesses rather than "against" them, the Major Issues are Jehovah's word and kingdom, and how we each benefit as we learn and apply the lessons of his word and kingdom.

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