What are the Major Issues with Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • AllTimeJeff

    It's difficult to understand until you go through difficulties how one's faith can be related by putting up with personality conflicts and the cliques that go on.

    This is specifically due to the structure of the group. It makes good people put relevance on things that don't matter, like FS time, who you know or are related to, how many people you brought into the truth, how many "good" comments you make at the meetings... It all adds up, and it all doesn't matter.

  • Spike Tassel
    Spike Tassel

    Spike Tassel (Post 85) re AllTimeJeff (Post 1697): I agree that faith includes endurance of the dynamics of personal imperfection. That is the beauty of learning and applying the lessons of Jehovah's word and kingdom. It is an on-going process for which no error need be permanent, for Jehovah is God of the Resurrection. Resurrection of faith, resurrection of truth, resurrection of reality, resurrection of healthy relationships, reesurrection of vitality, resurrection of perspective. These resurrections can overcome any test of time.


    Spike Tassel..Why the hell would you pick a name like that?..LOL!!..I just had to ask!..

    Everything in WBT$ World is Dead..

    There are no resurrections..

    No spontinaity..

    No life..

    No real joy..

    WBT$ World..Is a Dead World..

    You either Walk with the Dead..




  • Heaven

    passwordprotected said: Simply, the teachings of the Organisation did not stack up against the Bible.

    I saw this pretty much right off when I was a kid. Many times I did not agree with the WTS interpretations. And then the kicker for me was them trying to subjugate me. Not gonna happen with this woman. Ever!

    Once I left home to go to college and then get my job, I was pretty much released from the day to day hounding of signing up. Of course I would always turn it back on them. Any time my parents would try to push us I would bring up things they couldn't answer. "Why don't you go out on service Mom? Why aren't you baptized? Oh, you smoke. Well I think you need to focus on that first." The contradictions continued and as far as I'm concerned, if it isn't clear, I ignore it. My parents have never been able to answer my questions.

    I just couldn't see the validity in anything they were teaching. It simply isn't there.

    On this Forum, I have read so many heart breaking stories of peoples' experiences in this cult. I think I am one of the lucky ones.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Outlaw, I couldn't agree with you more..... JW's have something against this life, and put great stock in their imagination, instead of dealing with reality.


  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life


    YOur story is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your new family life!

  • Spike Tassel
    Spike Tassel

    so, are there any more Major Issues to deal with?

  • AllTimeJeff
    so, are there any more Major Issues to deal with?

    Hi Spike.... I dunno, pick one. I've got time tonight.

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