What are the Major Issues with Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • boyzone

    Hi Jeff

    For example, I stated that in general, most leave because of some bad experience that happened to them as a catalyst. Up to this point, most who have responded have stated that it was indeed research on their own that started their exit. Hardly corroboration if I were looking to prove a point.

    My catalyst was a bad experience, well several to be exact. The first was one of my sons leaving the witnesses after being reproved for smoking. He was 17 and not baptized so avoided being disfellowshipped but nonetheless it cut me up deeply. Then a year later my eldest son who was baptized was discovered to be having an gay relationship. As JW parents, to say we were devastated would be putting it mildly. My son was first reproved but when he couldn't stand the control any longer, he left. However the elders couldn't leave it there and tried every way possible to get in contact with him. Finally they caught up with him and asked him that loaded question, "do you still want to be one of Jehovahs Witnesses?" Of course the answer was no and he was then disassociated.

    After all this stress and drama in our lives and watching my parents now shun their grandchild, my husband had had enough. He announced one sunday morning that he doesn't believe all this Witness crap anymore and he's not doing it. He refused to attend another meeting from then on (and he hasn't)

    So now it was only me and the 2 youngest boys at the meetings. My 3rd son then said that he doesn't want to come to the meetings anymore but wanted to stay home with his dad, he was 14. Finally it was just me and the youngest still going but he hated it. The battles I had trying to keep the younger coming with me was exhausting that in the end it was easier to leave him at home with his dad too.

    So I was on my own at the meetings. At one time all 6 of us were there as a family but now it was just me and I felt a TOTAL FAILURE. I cannot describe the depths of my misery at this time. I felt as if I'd lost every one of my precious sons and my husband to Satan and they weren't gonna make it through armageddon.

    But I was hopeful!! After all, I still had God's Organization and thats the place to be for comfort and encouragement - right?

    Then I went to the Sunday meeting and read this in the Watchtower;

    "Mother watched our association very closely," recalls the eldest of three boys in one family in which the mother has been a full-time minister over the years. "We did not associate with our schoolmates but only with those in the congregation who had good spiritual habits. She also regularly invited those in full-time service—missionaries, traveling overseers, Bethelites, and pioneers—to our home for association. Listening to their experiences and seeing their joy helped to implant in our hearts the desire for full-time service." What a joy to see today all three sons in the full-time ministry—one serving at Bethel, one having attended the Ministerial Training School, and one pioneering!

    Oct 1st 05 WT pg 30 par 16

    This was the infamous "education" watchtower but I remember it for very different reasons.

    The Watchtower conductor that day highlighted the fact that there was no mention of a husband in this paragraph and that it was the mothers fine example and diligent work that had yielded such fine results.

    Now having lost all 4 of my sons and my hubby to the "world" despite being just as diligent as this mother, it felt like Jehovah, instead of giving me comfort, was rubber stamping my forehead with a big fat FAILED.

    I literally couldn't stomach another moment in that hall and had to leave. I barely made it back to my car before breaking down. Later on that week I took every paracetamol in the house I could find just to numb the pain I felt. Not only did I feel a failure but Jehovah, through His Organization had told me I'd failed too. What was the point of living any longer? We were all going to die at armageddon now, and I'd worked SO hard to bring up my kids in the truth! I'd been really conscientious and I was just so tired!

    After being hospitalised for a while, I came home but I was never the same. The sense of failure was so acute that I couldn't shake it off no matter how much field service I did or how many meetings I went to. In the back of my mind I just couldn't understand where I'd gone wrong with my family. I'd done everything that the Society had advised on the subject of bringing up kids in the truth yet still it hadn't worked. Why?? Surely they spoke for God didn't they? God's word never fails, so how come it had all gone horribly wrong? Was it really all my fault? Or did they really speak for God? Perhaps they dont!!!

    For the first time I began to join the dots.....Of course such thoughts couldn't be tolerated for long so I decided to give myself a spiritual boost. I decided to go back to the wonderful truths of 1919 when Jesus chose them as his channel. I felt sure they must have been teaching some very special truths back then to be chosen by Christ and I wanted to be strengthened by learning about them - right?

    Oh my, oh lordy lordy me!

    Wel the rest as they say..is history.

    A short time later I disassociated. Now I can happily say we are a united family again and I'm a mum who has learned to love her children unconditionally without encumbant rules imposed upon her from an ignorant man made organization claiming to speak for God. These people caused me and my family untold misery and nearly cost me my life. I will not forget in a hurry.

  • passwordprotected

    I used to think that people who left the WTS (i.e. apostates) all suffered from sour grapes. I pigeon holed them as ex-Witnesses who didn't get appointed at the last CO visit and were in a fizz about it.

    However, my own experience, closely coupled with my wife's, was that through honest research using nothing but the Bible and Watch Tower publications we were unable to prove to ourselves that 1914 was true.

    That then led onto us realising that the Governing Body constituted, Biblically, as false prophets. Deut 18 kicked in. So did Luke 21:8 (I still remember where I was standing when my wife showed me that verse).

    We left.

    We had no sour grapes. We were a well-liked family, I had nice privileges, our kids were well behaved. I enjoyed being an elder. I genuinely wanted to serve and look after the congregation.

    Simply, the teachings of the Organisation did not stack up against the Bible.

    Does that make us bad people?

  • wobble

    Dear dear Boyzone,

    Thank you so much for your story, it cannot be easy to open the wounds again to tell us what happened to you and yours, but you will have strengthened the resolve of others, who may be struggling to find their way.

    I am so glad that your family is back together again,and you can find fulfilment as a Mum.

    My boys said something lovely to their Mum the other day ( they both left years ago, long before us) they said :

    "We know you ,and Dad, were mis-guided as you brought us up in the WT, but we can never say you did not love us "

    I am sure your kids know too that whatever you did you did out of love for them.

    I am sure too that many JW's are right now beginning to see the light,keep up your excellent posts and help others see.




    AllTimeJeff..Good thread...........Jehovah`s Witness are unable to take a critical look at the organization they support,the WBT$.......Jehovah`s Witness`s are,unreasonable,irrational and extremely arrogant..They can`t comprehend why the rest of the world,would not believe the same as them......Jehovah`s Witness`s believe everything outside thier little WatchTower World,is run by Satan..The WBT$ say`s so......................The WBT$ say`s a great many things,then changes they`re mind when it`s convinient.....And ..Jehovah`s Witness`s have no problem with that..Those that do,are Disfellowshipped...................................Watchtower World is a Circus,run by the Insane.................................................OUTLAW

  • hamsterbait


    They turn everything into an issue about THEM.


  • flipper

    ALL TIME JEFF- I agree totally with Shopaholic's take. She made excellent points here. Jehovah's Witnesses DO think they are special and that everybody in the world should perceive them that way as well. I mean , look at the loaded language they use at their meetings like, " we are a people for special possession by Jehovah ". It's self glorification to the penultimate ! Like, " Hey we are special and everybody better recognize that ! " Talk about being self absorbed ? Ridiculous. All they are is a mind control cult - and they don't even recognize that they are a cult. So not only are they self absorbed they are also self delusional as well

  • JWdaughter

    Reniaa, do you think it is baiting to go door to door asking people questions such as JWs do? Asking if they are shocked by the revelations about Catholic Priests or some other church scandal or some human evil or the latest disaster? What is that other than baiting? It isn't speaking to people where they are, it is baiting them and waiting for the response you want/expect and taking the conversation to where YOU want it to go. ATJ asked what you think the issues are and offered up what he thinks. JWs don't really CARE at the door what the householder thinks, they are just looking to lead them down their 'garden' path.

    Wanting to really hear the responses of others is nothing to apologise for. Asking the question simply so you can answer it yourself seems to be less admirable.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Some really amazing stories here, thanks for sharing.

    My own journey was a mix of both, as I have said. I have to admit that because I felt I had so much to lose, I didn't know what to do for a time. Even though I knew that JW dogma was wrong, it wasn't until I allowed myself to go on the internet and read some chapters out of CoC and read up on the UN scandal, I knew I could leave with peace of mind.

    It really wasn't me, this "religion" that I was associated with all my life really was nuts! It started me on a path of freeing my mind from their control, and to really meditate on some of the issues I always saw but never dealt with.

    At some point, for peace of mind, I think most of us do need to deal with all that we have been taught and see if they are true.

  • Rocky_Girl

    Hate, intolerance, arrogance. How can anyone live peacefully while upholding such negative policies? I couldn't do it! It hurt me enough to leave my parents, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great aunts and uncles, great grandma, and all of my 'friends' to get away from all of the negative energy that surrounded that 'religion.'

    I'm a lot happier and peaceful since leaving and my family notices.


  • zarco


    We have known the truth not to be the truth for years. We went through the motions for mostly selfish reasons and to some extent we still do. The personal experience that made us start to plan our exit was this:

    We conducted many studies and rationalized in our minds that even though everything isn’t true that the people we studied with where better off with the truth than without. Those who see the type of people the Witnesses seem to attract – at least in recent times – understand what I mean.

    So we study with a man and his live in. In a few weeks they are attending all of the meetings. They stop smoking, get married and want to live a life based on Bible principles. The wife was raised as a Witness, we knew this going in – but it had been about 20 years since she had even set foot in a Kingdom Hall. She was baptized as a child. When my fellow elders found out about her being baptized in the past they decided they should meet with her. I had no problem with this as I thought it might help her conscience to confess her past and move forward. You can guess what happened – they disfellowshipped her and said “ her acts of repentance where not commensurate with her sins”. WTF! Is that a requirement? Do acts of repentance have to match the deviation? Where in the Bible does it say this? That was the final straw. Never again would I submit to a wicked organization.


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