"Bearing Thorough Witness" book: New light about Governing Body

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  • reniaa

    wobble their teachings are in line with the bible principles or was Paul wrong to provide so many teachings that are in mnay cases things Jesus didn't refer too. Should we throw out all the books that Paul wrote?

  • aniron


    Thanks for pointing out that Christians do not follow any man or men, or need to be part of any organisation.

    But its a relationship with Christ that counts above all.

  • reniaa

    hi blonde

    hmmm I may have to be corrected I was looking at other versions a lot say teacher some say instructor.

    Matthew 23:10 (New American Standard Bible)

    10 "Do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Christ.

    this one also says leaders

    lol were is the greek scholar when you need one :)

    but whichever it is my original point still stands JEsus is talking in hyperbole and this is about 'calling' them this not them being this. Otherwise jesus is saying no child could call his father "father".

  • reniaa

    aniron do you alway put words in peoples mouth and not read what they actually put?

    I clearly stood by our need for leadership my point was on self-glorification. The gb have to answer to the God's word the bible and to Jehovah and his son Jesus for any decision they make but that doesn't make their position as leaders/servants to Jesus until he returns looking after his 'Flock/organisation/household' until then less valid or bible directed which it is.


  • TheOldHippie

    "The Governing Body relies on God's holy spirit for direction. Its members do not regard themselves as the leaders of Jehovah's people."

    You know, I often find this to be a "US problem" (US does not mean a form of "we", but rather "USA" ......). Here in Europe, the GB members are "strangers" to us, we perhaps come to see a couple of them a couple of time in our life, whereas in the US, you frequently see them at conventions or other occurences, you have had them as COs and DOs earlier etc, and your family perhaps used to be friends with them. Since they are almost all taken from the US, that is not the case here. So they do not have any direct influence or bearing on us. Of course we use the same literature and have the same meetings - but the GB members as such are totally unimportant to us, they play no part in our lives. I find that it seems to be far more of a reverence towards them among the - present and previous - JWs posting. So a statement that they are not leaders - is nothing new over here, it is self-evident, it goes without saying. They are not my leaders, I have a leader - Jesus. The problem lies with the first sentence, that they rely on God's Holy Spirit for direction, and its boundaries towards prophet/leader/God-directed. If you say that relying on God's Spirit means led my God then it follows they ARE leaders and disobedience = apostacy. But if relying on God's Spirit means trying as good or hard as you can to find out what this or that means and how it is to be applied in one's life, and the results are strong suggestions but nothing more than that - then you have what I would consider my point of view and one with which I can live.

  • JustHuman14

    Double talk as usual, nothing special

  • BarefootServant

    "The Governing Body... do not regard themselves as the leaders of Jehovah's people."

    Careful how you read this. It says they do not regard themselves as the (only) leaders. That they expect their followers to obey them without question in every respect is repeated in almost every Watchtower.

  • reniaa

    Did Paul only rely on Jesus's words for when he had to make leadership decisions for the early church or did he also use holy spirit guidance?

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    It's called "asserting the opposite". All sorts of people in positions of power do it all the time.

    It's actually sort of amazing to think about this. Just picture a group of JWs repeating this paragraph at a book study. It just blows my mind to believe that at one time I could have been listening to this stuff and actually believed it proved a point.

    In the end it's just one more thing that channels the myth that nobody but god is in charge of the org.

  • wobble

    Paul was appointed directly as an Apostle by Jesus, he gave ample proof of that, even raising the dead, and yes Holy Spirit directed him, "step over into Macedonia " etc.

    But for anyone to claim similar direction today,they would need to supply some proof.



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