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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Welcome Anderson from Australia

  • jaguarbass

    Hello, welcome.

  • BluesBrother

    Welcome to the board - you sound just like our kind of person..

    I spent my life within, up to about 50 years old - discovered too late that it was all a sham....I still have family connections in it so I do not say too much about myself


    Hello Anderson,

    "The truth will set you free"



  • Anderson of the Brasil
    Anderson of the Brasil

    Good day to all!
    Thanks for the warm welcome.
    I speak French and Spanish, but I have difficulties in English, but I'm trying to improve my writing
    I will not use another translator.
    If I write something wrong, please excuse me.
    I was very happy, that you are seen by a family together and happy.
    I do not know Wesley. He lives in Minas Gerais, a city distant.
    True, many people engaged in years for the WT, and then discovers she is a fraud. This is very sad.
    So next week, I finish my tests in college and there I will have time to tell you how things are here in Brazil. I count as the ex-Jehovah's Witnesses suffer here with desassociação. A humiliation.
    My own mother did not speak to me.

    Regarding fotebol and beautiful women here, I will send some pictures.
    A big hug to everyone and thanks for everything.

  • shamus100


    Beaunos Dias. Como estas?

    Dar la bienvineda.

  • Anderson of the Brasil
    Anderson of the Brasil


    Beaunos Dias. Como estas?

    Dar la bienvineda."

    Shamus 100.

    gracias por la bienvenida.
    Les deseo a todos mucho éxito en todas las esferas de la vida.

  • shamus100

    sue bienvenada.

    Como hacen Testitos de Jehovah en Brazil?

  • Anderson of the Brasil
    Anderson of the Brasil

    Hi! That here I am.
    I do not know if I posted in the right place.
    I do not get used to the forum yet.
    A big hug, my friends.

  • shamus100


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