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  • Anderson of the Brasil
    Anderson of the Brasil

    These are some of our natural beaches.
    A Brazilian woman loves to go the beach. Bye.

  • Anderson of the Brasil
    Anderson of the Brasil

    Shamus 100, Jehovah's Witnesses here in Brazil, suffer much from the harsh cruelty of congregational elders. Many are dissociated by pure caprice and vanity of a superintendent.
    I, Anderson, was dissociated by that I talked to one of the following: I, Anderson, I became a Jehovah's witness to serve men.
    It was enough to treat me worse than a dog.
    And humiliate me too. I was labeled the "apostate". Shamus 100, los Testigos de Jehová aquí en Brasil, sufren mucho de la dura crueldad de ancianos de la congregación. Muchos se disocian por puro capricho y la vanidad de un superintendente.
    I, Anderson, se desvinculó por que yo hablé con uno de los siguientes: I, Anderson, que se convirtió en un testigo de Jehová para servir a los hombres no ..
    Fue suficiente para tratarme peor que un perro.
    Y humillar a mí también.
    Yo estaba marcado el "apóstata". Anderson.

  • Anderson of the Brasil
    Anderson of the Brasil

    Em portugues do Brasil:

    As testemunhas de Jeová sofrem muito aqui no Brasil na mão dos anciãos congregacionais.

    Muitos são desassociados por mero capricho ou vaidade de um ancião ou superintendente.

    Eu, Anderson, fui desassociado por que eu falei para um deles: Eu não me batizei para servir a homens.

    Foi o suficiente para me humilharem pior do que se trata a um cachoro de rua, sem dono.

    Até breve.

  • Anderson of the Brasil
    Anderson of the Brasil

    Good day to all!

    "The good news of the kingdom is being preached by all."

    In the absence of publishers of the kingdom (as are all apostatize), the sect is ordering the birds here in Brazil.

    For those here, like football, I leave my congratulations to seleçãodos U.S., which is classified to the final of the Confederations Cup.
    Brazil and the United States participate in the final.

    Now some news here in Brazil, on the refusal of transfusõesm blood.
    Excuse me if I'm not posting in the right place.

    "The Judge Patricia Costa de Morais, on duty on holiday, and authorized the injunction granted First Aid for Burns Ltda. In Goiânia, to perform blood transfusion in the attendant Jessica Gomes Vaz, religion Jehovah's witness. Hospitalized in serious condition, it is with 60% of the body affected by burns.

    She casualties on 7 and suffered burns that hit his face, ears, neck, trunk, upper and lower limbs, hands, buttocks, thighs and feet. According to medical assessment, ran the risk of death if not put to the transfusion.

    Even aware of the risk, the family of the attendant refused to allow the procedure on the claim that profess that religion does not allow. Given the situation, and considering that her chance of survival without transfusion would rather the hospital filed innominate precautionary action to perform the procedure.

    In his demonstration, the Public Ministry (MP) spoke about the difficulty of analyzing cases where two constitutionally recognized rights - the right to life and freedom of religion - are opposed. "The free will and conscious of the patient with the capacity to decide is unflagging. He is refusing treatment, nothing more can be done unless respect your wishes, "said the promoter of Cassius Marcellus Freitas Rodrigues. He stressed, however, said that when Jessica, because of his condition, is unable to express their will, thus opening an area to which the Member Judge intervenes and above the demonstration of will. "

    In its reasoning, Patricia de Morais considered that despite the forecast about the constitutional right to belief, no right is absolute. "The one is given the right to life, so that the right to religious freedom can not override the right to life, providing duty to preserve it all. ... d_mat = 8518"

  • Anderson of the Brasil
  • Anderson of the Brasil
    Anderson of the Brasil

    Another case:

    "Injunction ensures blood transfusion in Jehovah's Witnesses

    The judge of the 10th Civil District Vara de Belo Horizonte, José Nicolau Massella, authorized a hospital to perform a blood transfusion in an elderly patient, hospitalized in serious condition, which was opposed to the procedure. Followers of the religion of Jehovah Witness, patient and family claim that can not receive blood from others.

    Introducing a framework for hematemesis (vomiting blood), diabetes and hypertension, the realization of the transfusion is necessary "given the context of imminent risk of death," according to the medical report presented.

    The application for injunction presented based on the Constitution of the Republic, that even ensuring the freedom of religion, states that life is the greater good of every man, and the Penal Code, Art135, which characterized as a crime "no longer provide assistance when can be done without personal risk (...) the person in grave and imminent danger. " Finally, support is also, according to the hospital, "above in the hope that freedom of religion is the right to life."

    On the subject, has also expressed the Federal Council of Medicine, who face frequent problems involving supporters of the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses and medical procedures issued a resolution finding that "if there is imminent danger to life, the medical practice of the transfusion blood, regardless of consent of the patient or their parents. "

    To the judge who granted the injunction, "to anyone is given the right to life, so that the right to religious freedom can not override the right to life, our right, is to preserve all of it."

    The decision was published in Minas Gerais on September 5, and be the first instance, it can be appealed." ... d_mat=4389

  • shamus100

    Thanks for this info from the Americas!

    It's nice to know what's going on down there.

  • Anderson of the Brasil
    Anderson of the Brasil

    This case here, should inspire the judges, the courts of the world: "Judge orders arrest father and daughter for preventing blood transfusion "People have to submit to the laws of men and not those of God." The statement is the Judge Jaqueline Texeira, who had arrested Manuel Barbosa, 77 years and his daughter Marlene Barbosa, 50 years old. They prevented a blood transfusion to save the life of Irani Barbosa, of 78 years.

    Father and daughter were arrested, on Saturday (3 / 7), in Rio de Janeiro, in order for the judge to prevent doctors from Salgado Filho Hospital do a blood transfusion - given by court order. The family is the Jehovah's Witnesses sect, which condemns the transfusions.

    Irani, mother of Marlene, was hospitalized at the Salgado Filho Hospital with profound anemia and refused to do a blood transfusion. Family members were asked by doctors to allow the procedure, but not allowed to be done. Alternatively, doctors resorted to Planton judge who ordered the transfusion.

    Manuel and Marlene did not anyway. The judge then ordered the arrest of the family and the transfusion was made. The case was registered in 44 DP in Inhaúma, where father and daughter still being held, according to the World Cool site."

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Brazil beaches! .....Ayyyyye Dios Mio!

  • Anderson of the Brasil
    Anderson of the Brasil

    Hello again!

    "From right to life and right of belief, the first prevails."

    Nobody can be deprived of their rights on grounds of religious belief or philosophical or political conviction. With this understanding, the judge allowed Amaral Luciana Monteiro Medical Hospital San Salvador to blood transfusion in elderly Paz José da Silva without need for permission from anyone in the family.

    The measure was requested by the patient's daughter, teacher Regina Célia Ramos da Silva Peace, on the grounds that his father, his mother and brothers are part of the supporters of religion Jehovah's Witnesses and signed a document in unauthorized hospital for transfusion. For religious reasons, Jehovah's Witnesses do not approve a blood transfusion,

    According to the medical certificate issued Glaydson Jeronimo da Silva and joined the file, José Paz is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital with a condition of gastrointestinal bleeding and has developed hemodynamic instability with risk of imminent death.

    The judge noted that the religion of which José Paz fan believes the blood is as sacred in nature and does not allow its followers to submit to the transfusion. Assuming that Article 5 of the Federal Constitution establishes as the inviolable freedom of conscience and belief, Luciana Monteiro stressed that the legal provisions have, however, that nobody will be deprived of rights because of religious belief or philosophical or political conviction.

    "Despite there prediction about the constitutional right to belief, calls emphasize that no right is absolute, it is also limits the other rights enshrined in the Constitution. Thus, there is conflict between two or more rights or guarantees, should be used the principle of harmonization. In this case, the conflict remains clear above, is seen that the CF also guarantees the right to life, "said the judge felt that, between the right to life and the right of belief, must be the first."

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