My experience at the District Convention today - Appreciate your comments

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  • steve2

    Children may moan and complain about having to obey their parents'rules but at the same time are so needy of their parents. Children can "forget"all their complaints when their parents give them a treat such as being allowed to stay up an hour or two later than usual. JWs are simply little children who sometimes grumble about their "lot" but who, cheered up by a big convention, wax lyrical about how wonderful their parents are - for a few weeks anyway...

  • Sunspot

    I so remember the anticipation of "all the new things" we would be learning at those assemblies and conventions....having diligently saved up enough money all year to get myself and five children TO these events and providing them with new clothes, lodging and three meals a day and money for the donation boxes for the duration of our "stay".

    It was not until later on down the road to enlightenement that I realized the "new information" was not only rehashed from previous years, but this same information would be regurgitated throughout the coming year as well.It turned out to be this anticipation that the WTS relied on to hype their big super-sized sales meeting that we always joyfully muttered on the trip home just how GREAT this year's convention if LAST year's was not especially memorable at all.

    I bet that every WTS follower would stay home from the summer convention....that they would STILL hear every last word that was said during the coming year at the smaller WTS sales meetings held every week....just as if they had attended.

    Talk about the boredom of summer re-runs.

  • Gayle

    But can a JW give

    a simple answer as to who is the

    "Faithful and Discreet Slave" what

    makes the Slave faithful and discreet

    and who was this Slave prior to the

    1970s. You'll get a bunch of blank

    stares like you're asking a stupid

    question that has no answer

    (sorry-just quoting)Same thing happened to me, I asked (concerned that I might be out of place to even ask) and only got blank faces, got a couple names (Knorr & Fred Franz) and then only guesses - and that was at Bethel when I was called in there in 1969.

  • kurtbethel

    I forgot to print some aposta-dollars to toss into the beg boxes. Also, it was odd to be at what was advertized as an international convention and I did not see any nation's flags there.

  • Pig

    what?? new songbook.

    Can anyone link me to more info please?

    I never heard about it

  • LouBelle

    If I'm beeling up to it I shall go to one day at the convention in December - but wearing a shirt that has 144 001 on it.

  • insearchoftruth
    but wearing a shirt that has 144 001 on it

    I like that!!!!!

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