My experience at the District Convention today - Appreciate your comments

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  • Cadellin

    Funny how everyone always says, "best assembly ever!" Every year, it's the same thing. "Best Assembly Ever!" Really? So in a century of DC's, this one tops the cake? Really? The fact is, memory is short and emotion is high. The last talk of the day ends on an emotional climax, followed by a stirring song sung, heartfelt, by thousands of people, many arm in arm. Like most of you, I've peered behind the curtain--and I still tear up!

  • Scott77


    You need first get out of the borg completely and rebuild your life. Let your family and friends later reason, come to their senses like Ray Franz and later see that there is an alternative and successful life outside the borg. Please, read Ray's C o C from cover to cover. If you have not yet done so, how are you going of to recommend it to your family and friends to read? Like what the Watchtower teaches, you should lead by example.


  • allelsefails

    For me I think getting people to see the truth is a worthy goal. I think you could use questions that witnesses can't answer and say "I was asked this in the ministry and wasn't sure how to answer" - You're not the bad guy - Just asking for help. They'll usually give you the canned WTS answer, but you put the question in their head and it will grow. A few good questions: How can we prove scripturally 144,000 is a literal number? Why do we say Jeruslaem was destroyed in 607? (tell them they brought out their encyclopedia.) Why do we think the 7 years of Nebuchadnezzar's insanity = the Gentile times? How could the "Great Crowd" be Earthly if they serve in the Sanctuary (greek - Naos) not temple (hieron)? These ar some I've done research on that are effective. The WTS answers to these questions are unsatisfactory at best. Anyone who researches these points to "help" you will generate more questions for themselves. Let me know if you need any specific help with these topics I've done some research and can point you to the a few places for help.

  • BonaFide

    Ok Scotty77, I am going to get C of C. And AllElse, I like those questions. One elder I know gives all those Daniel talks, he loves to research on the Internet. We will see...

  • bobld

    Oh,how brain-washed J.W.are.They can't wait for a new release.So what, they don't read them anyways.

    Look at the last few WT study articles and how they placed the GB next if not above God.The R&F believed

    every word.They worship these satanic creatures and you don"t have a snowball chance in hell of changing

    their minds.Their world is limited by the garbage that the GB feed's them are they are very happy with that.

    If you feed pig's slop they will be very happy and will not go anywhere else as long as they get their slop.


  • jabberwock

    BonaFide, I know exactly what you mean. Personally, I felt that the drama was very emotionally manipulative. Do you remember the scene where David (the prodigal son) runs into the awaiting arms of his parents? I found their tearful reunion touching even though I disagreed with its message.

    I cautiously mentioned to a few people some points in the program, including the drama, that I thought were misleading, inaccurate, or manipulative, but I received little response.

    A few posters here have mentioned that conventions and assemblies are supposed to build enthusiasm and I agree. In fact, I think that having several new releases announced on the first day was meant to build the excitement that helps to distract from the inadequacies of the rest of the program.

    The convention has been over for awhile now and yet I'm still being told that "This was the best convention ever!" With no "new light" revealed or discussed and no dates or predictions to focus on I think the new releases are what was meant to stir everyone up. It will be interesting to see if this continues.


  • Tatiana

    These assemblies are not different than any large church gathering. That is the purpose of them. Just as the mega-churches gather thousands of people together and get them all riled up and emotional, so do the assemblies. I used to cry at the dramas too, and that was when I knew it was all bull. The mob mentality takes over and you get drawn into the energy and adrenaline rush. I also noticed I felt that way at a rock concert! Of course I didn't find that out until I stopped being a JW and went to one. Dummy me thinking it was Jehovah's spirit all that time.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    For what its worth this is the $ocieties main outreach program. If its one thing they know how to do is rejuvinate the 'flock' thru the assembly programs.

    As far as the Drama why do you think they moved it to sunday afternoon from sunday morning?

    It served a nice twofold purpose: It kept people there for the afternoon session and what better time to slip feel good propaganda in to the people than after lunch and a boring sleepy song. Their minds are nice and soften up for what ever programing they want to instill.

  • thomas15


    While reading this thread I got an idea. This is not intedned to be the Silver Bullet to get your family out of the borg, rather a reading suggestion to inspire you.

    A little background on me, I accepted Jesus as my savior (born again) in 1977. between 1981 and 1985 I stopped going to church and reading my Bible. In 1985 my wife decided that we need to start attending church so she selected the local Lutheran church. This is not intended to be critical of Lutherans, but being that we were becoming involved in church again, I started reading about the Lutheran faith. One of the books I read is titled Here I Stand by Roland Bainton. This book, a biography of Martin Luther is easy to read, should be available at the local library and is one of the main reasons why we left the Lutheran church as it illustrates the debths in with the moderan ELCA has fallen. Ray Franz lifted some of his Luther quotes from this book. I think you should consider putting this book on your reading list as I think you will find Luther to be a brother to you in many ways.


  • viva

    Sound terrible. Glad I don't have to hear the new songs.

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