My experience at the District Convention today - Appreciate your comments

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  • BonaFide

    I know I am the one to constantly harp on this board how the Organization has lost its "Swagger" and the baptism and attendance is going down, and people are waking up.

    Not so fast.

    The audience cried, I mean a lot of people cried when they played some of the songs from the new songbook. Some had Bethel singers who sounded pretty good singing them. So many after the program were saying how touched they were.

    Then the new release of the book showing how the book of Acts prefigures the Organization today. More positive and happy comments. I mean the friends really seemed happy.

    And then today the Drama, everyone around me seemed to be touched, and there was a ton of applause. I started a couple of conversations after with my car group about the stereotyping in the Drama, and that very few young ones in the Organization have a father who has a business and is a Witness, but my comments didn't seem to have much effect.

    Yes, there were a lot of old ones there, and some have died since last year. But the children who are our age, in our 30's and 40's, who were raised in the truth, the majority are still in, and from what I could see at this convention, they seem to be in for life.

    I wish I could do something about this, but it's hard when the entire assembly is singing praises about the new releases and experiences.

    Any suggestions or comments?


  • Hope4Others

    Wow, that is quite a turn of events really...but then the assembly is high geared for the emotional side of

    people don't you think? The gathering to gether, visiting...drama, high intense talks with lots of emotion and feeling...

    People are worried they are deperately holding on they need sometihing tangible....

    They need hope more than ever...



    A waste of time..Wasted lives......Sad.....It`s a Dead mans Dream....................Bonafied..How long will you waste the precious time you have left?............................OUTLAW

  • BonaFide

    I know Outlaw, I know. I just feel like since I found out, I want all my family and friends to find out. Or maybe I just want to be proved right? I am not sure. Because when I used to bring up a LOT of questions with my family, they would say to wait on Jehovah, and they always said the Organization comes first, stuff like that. Plus those PHARISAICAL ELDERS, and those who treat othes bad. It would be so GREAT to have the Organiztion fall, and then would be cool to see everyone woken up.

    I am back in school, so at least I am doing that. And I put fake time in service mostly.



  • nbernat

    I don't think today's experience is indicative of the Society's stronghold (or actually lack thereof) on the flock. DCs usually inspire people but only for a few weeks at most and more so in these "critical" times with the economy being bad and all that jazz-- people feel like they should be doing something "more" in their life and religion often gives them a sense of comfort. Thousands of people gathered with one main purpose during a time of disunity makes people feel good but it doesn't last. The Organization has lost its swagger.


    Bonafide..Everyone does..Unfortunately,thats not how life works...................Work on you...........The rest will come............................OUTLAW

  • jeandeau

    I empathise and sympathise. We are human beings and our strengths and weaknesses come from that. I share your wish to see reality and honesty prevail with love. Most JWs cling to and build their lives around a beautiful hope and dream that was partly founded on the great hope given to mankind through the bible. The organization puts together a sweet, friendly, easy to swallow package that looks pretty on the outside but hides its deceptive falacious roots, and rotting foul vile satanic authoritarian true inner nature and structure. We want to believe when we are in love. Frankly.... You must expand your freindships and love outside the JW sphere of influence immediately. You must learn to love and trust others, learn how beautiful other people can be. You have to grow up truly for the first time in your life and take ownership of your life. That is your true God given responsibility and right. Do it now. Don't drag in the past. There is a beautiful world out there.

  • C. T. Russell
    C. T. Russell


    Don’t bang your head against the wall too much, it’s a large organization. It’s not all on your head. Allot of people have been hurt by the Org but there are worst things in the world that need changing. Take some time for yourself. Do things you had always put off doing because this system was going to end.

    You can always go hard-line Apostate but if you’re trying to change families or friends it probably won’t work. If you start throwing out stuff like COC books and words like “cult” it will probably turn them off to your ideas.

    Or you can try to hit the grey areas. One idea is to maybe do some volunteer service in your community. Something innocuous like planting trees. I think Arbor Day is non-religious. Something like this would provoke allot questions and send Elders scurrying to their STF books. “Can JW’s plant trees?”, “Don’t we care about the environment?”, “Do we?”, “Brother Bonafide asked me to plant trees with him, should I?”. “Shouldn’t we be in field service instead?”, “But Dad watches football after the meetings, shouldn’t he be in field service instead?”, “Is planting trees really that bad?”.

    Just an idea. Plus I’m just curious as to what would happen.

    C. T.

  • penny2

    BonaFide, I hear what you are saying. Most JWs I know love being JWs and they are happy most of the time. They think they have a sure hope and won't be leaving any time soon. The DCs are morale boosters and they get an emotional high from listening to the music and singing (the same as anyone would when singing in a large group). Think Susan Boyle.


  • Dagney

    Boy, I got a different story from my friend who went last weekend.

    Just was so upset at the material in the talks she said she had to leave her seat a few times so she wouldn't lose her cool.

    All she kept saying to me is "don't get me started."

    On the other hand, I did hear today from someone who said, as they do after every convention, "it was the best assembly ever!"

    Perception is 99%.

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