Shutting down the Judicial Committee "invite".

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  • DesirousOfChange

    It is in our personal best interests not to be DFed so we simply won't allow it.

    The easiest route is to fade by not doing anything nor saying anything that can get you called into a JC. I know that's hard because it seems we all hit a period of anger and we want to strike out at "them". I feel that I was incredibly damaged by being caught up in The Lie (not The Truth) for decades and I would like to take my anger and aggression out on someone (admittedly though someone "responsible"). But you can't do it. You'll never get past the 2 Committees. (Original JC and Appeal Committee.) They are just dumbass deluded pawns. You can't reach those who are responsible.

    Especially if you want to successfully fade, you can't do it. You have to stay off of their radar. STFU!

    Self-control, my dear friends.

    If you don't have family or friends who are still "in" and with whom you want to have association, then go for it. Be an ass and make your point an get it off of your chest but don't bitch about it when you hear your name has been announced as "no longer one of JWs". That is the outcome you generated.

    I know it sucks. It's like fighting City Hall. You know the saying. You can't fight City Hall It's their rules because they write the rules. (Ask Ray Franz. They changed all the rules just to "get" him.)

    Play with them. Don't let them catch you saying or doing anything they can use against you. It will frustrate the hell outta them!


  • blondie

    Do you want to stay in the organization?

    Have you said or done things they can easily prove?

    Then confess and be repentant.

    It's you alone against 3 men who know the story and are not looking to are guilty until proven innocent in their eyes.

    Who are you allowed to bring as support to your statements? What if they bring up something and you need time to provide proof? No time for that, in their eyes.

    It reminds me of the movie, War Games.

    A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

  • stuckinarut2

    I always recorded any meetings I was forced to attend.

    I told them outright that I was recording it on my phone. They said "I don't give you permission to do so" and I simply replied "and I don't give you permission to have this conversation unless it is its up to you if you want to proceed"

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    As long as you remain a Jw, you are liable to the ecclesial discipline of your chosen cult - period.

    Once you have already done something ''wrong'' you cannot escape the discipline by quitting - you will be DF or DA'd by commitee per the cult rules. You have no legal recourse if you don't like the verdict - freedom of religion/separation of church and state - remember you chose the church that loves to shun... nothing illegal here.

    Doubting, questioning, disillusionment, disregarding, disobeying, fading, and leaving constitute a cults most agregious moral wrongs (apostasy) , Such attitudes and actions, (though harming no-one), are countered with the cults harshest, most severe punishment - DA or DF.

    How can one leave without being DA'd or DF'd ?

    By initiating the right circumstances , the right timing and exercising your own free will in doing so.

    One right circumstance means that you are in good standing, with no JC imminent.

    Using your free will pick the earliest possible date you ceased (past tense) to be a Jw.- before a vacation is good, especially if you didn't turn in your last report of cult activity. You could already be gone for a month, but things still look normal.. The more time that goes by quietly, the more solidly your status is confirmed.

    No more records at JWFacts Joe Grundy showed just how extensive the personal record keeping is. Submitting reports ties you to the cults activities as a member and therefore binds you to it's advocacy - including discipline! Without current records, they have no proof of your continuing participation and membership. - a very important issue in avoiding later interrogations or committee actions against you.

    Pubic Meetings or Invitation Only is the safest option for those who need to attend for the sake of family. The sign outside says PUBLIC - so no proof of membership or affiliation is implied by attending these meetings. Also attend by invitation since again, no affiliation can be implied.

    Keep a Journal - reverse the dynamics of information control. You create and keep the records that establish your freedom, the who, when, were, (but not the why - you never need to explain your free will) .

    When - ( in writing - and signed) you ceased to be a JW. On the date you chose a month ago, you wrote a heartfelt letter to your non-JW brother/cousin/friend explaining to him why you could not conscientiously continue as a JW. and are no longer one. This letter provides you with dated and signed proof that you had already repudiated the cult and its actions by the date of the letter. A good friend will keep the letter in case your lawyer needs it in the future.

    Free Will Conscience trumps dogma in court - this is where the tables turn, and the law supports leavers over cults

    Make your new status as a free person known to discreet people you trust, and will support you - provide the cult nothing - no information by any means, that can later be used to acknowledge your continuing acceptance of their advocacy.

    Free will and informed conscience trumps religious dogma in court. This is the pivotal issue upon which Freedom of Religion spins from one side to exactly the opposite. The same freedoms that allowed you to freely join a cult and share in it's irrational and absurd works is exactly the same law that enables you to conscientiously repudiate the same organization when later, your knowledge matures. This freedom is enshrined in law in most democracies and is a core value of human rights.

    JWs have had no success leaving without incident because they have been going about it ass backwards.

  • ron rawson
    ron rawson
    Attend the meeting with your attorney....use your 1st amendment rights; threaten a lawsuit....tell 'em call the Borg, 'cause they won't have a clue what to do. The Borg will tell 'em drop the case....there's already enough lawsuits going on. Done! It may cost you a few bucks but you'll have peace of mind and they'll never want to see you again.
  • kairos

    This comments are wonderful.

    It must be stressful to try and fight of men that once stated they loved and cared you when they are actively, in their minds, trying to assure your everlasting destruction and removal from further communication with family and friends.

    Did any of you catch the recent Cedars video regarding the DFing policy ( or lack thereof ) from the 1947 Awake?

  • kairos

    Would it be AWESOME to send your lawyer to the JC in your place recording as he serves each elder on the JC by name, papers to cease and desist?


  • kairos

    Looks like the elders have met in absentia.

    It's wait and see time...

  • stuckinarut2

    looking forward to your update Kairos!

    Just keep your dignity....they CAN NOT take that from you.

  • mana11

    Tell them you have been stumbled by some of the very same elder body. (pick any reason such as - elders not showing love - or greedy in business - or seemingly elder x seem to be very lording over people)

    Say that you are not able to discuss it with them as it has emotionally affected you at the moment.

    I dont want to be disturbed

    I expect you to respect my wishes in this matter.

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