Shutting down the Judicial Committee "invite".

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  • kairos

    Judicial Committee invitation comes, with be there or be square consequences.

    ( come or we will DF you )

    What are the sure fire, tested and true tactics that will keep the elders off your back? ( for good )

    If I ever get a letter, I'll start with:

    "That sounds great, please send correspondence to my lawyer and schedule a date at his earliest convenience, and oh yeah I almost forgot, we'll be recording the hearing".

    I'm eagerly awaiting your ideas.
    ( please run with this )

  • millie210

    A note from a therapist saying you are too emotionally fragile at this time.

    (I heard the Org tells elders to back off if they think suicide is a possibility).

  • recovering
    They view refusal to participate in a jc as a request for disassociation. I wish that when they requested a meeting with me that I was brave enough to not participate in their kangaroo court.
  • cleanideas
    What millie210 said above is probably your only option. If you don't show up to the JC meeting they absolutely will DF you. Saying anything about a lawyer might delay it, but honestly I don't think anyone has ever been able to win a lawsuit for getting DF'd and they know it. But yes saying you are suicidal and their harassment is what is causing it might very well get them to back off for a bit.
  • kairos

    Is there anything in the Elder's Manual on what responses get results?

    I'm flashing back to when someone answered at the Oral Review almost word for word to the cheat sheet. Doing that to the Elder, from the Elder's Book would be hilarious!!

    What would they say? ( you gave the right answer )

  • stuckinarut2

    Don't even respond to the letter.

    The only power they have is that which you allow them to have....

  • Tempest in a Teacup
    Tempest in a Teacup
    A note from a therapist saying you are too emotionally fragile at this time.
    (I heard the Org tells elders to back off if they think suicide is a possibility).

    Thinking about it, how truly pathetic jw life is! Basically it is as if he's in school or at work, having to show a note from the Doctor to the Big Daddies just so he could be left alone

    That said, I'm keeping the idea too, for the cloudy days ahead for me.

  • prologos
    If you or any in your family have a threatening medical condition, ( I had a heart attack) and the doctor gave you medication, and advised, or hinted at avoiding "stress," remind those 'judges' in subtle ways, that linking their harassment with a recurring of that condition, is not in their', or the wt's best interest.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Could a warning be sent to the BoE along the lines of -

    "I will attend any/all judicial hearings conducted by representatives of the WTBTS and will be accompanied to such meetings by my legal representative. If this fundamental right is denied me, & judicial proceedings are convened in absentia, I will seek legal redress against the entity known as the Body of Elders, should my name be publicly announced by anyone." (under Human Rights/UK Data Protection Act/implied Slander-Defamation)

  • StephaneLaliberte

    A guy I know threatened the elders telling them that he knew where they lived and that they would have to face the consequences if they ever made his mother live through his disfellowshipping again. Told them he didn't mind going back to jail.

    Amazingly enough, it worked on those particular elders. That being said, knowing that some of them are willing to face firing squads for their faith, I wouldn't count on that strategy.

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