Shutting down the Judicial Committee "invite".

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  • DesirousOfChange

    I do know some have successfully muddied the waters ( threats of legal action etc ) but to be honest generally speaking once a JC committee is formed, you pretty much are toast. It's all over.

    This is correct. There is a lot of confusing info in this string.

    You should be specifically told if this is a "Judicial Committee" that you are asked to attend. If they Elders have already decided to convene a JC, then they believe that they already have the required evidence to DF, typically 2 witnesses to 1 event (but seen or heard by 2 different people) or 2 witnesses to 2 different similar events (if you talked to 2 people about apostasy at different times).

    IF they do NOT have sufficient evidence to DF, then they will typically form an "investigative committee" usually of just 2 elders and meet with you hoping you confess to what has been reports by perhaps just 1 person.

    You should specifically ask the purpose of the meeting. Is it a JC?

    If it is NOT said to be a JC -- just a "friendly call" to discuss something or to encourage you or whatever blah blah blah they say, you can refuse without risk.

    However,if it is already to the point of a JC, and you refuse to attend, you can still be DFd in absentia, because they are convinced they have 2 witnesses to justify the action.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    reading threads like this just make me laugh. of course these elders want to kick you out--its part of their power trip. why put yourselves through it.?

    can you imagine jesus chairing a JC ?----oh--JC on a JC lol.

  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar

    Here is what I would do. If I received a telephone call, I would ask to receive a written letter on the subject of meeting. Previously, I would have identified a local Lawyer who would work with me on matters such as this for a reasonable fee (they are around). I would give the letter to the Lawyer to answer. The answer that I would want is something like this: "Pursuant to your letter to Mr/Ms X dated XXXXX requesting a meeting, please be advised that I will be representing Mr/Ms X in this matter and he/she will not be in attendance. Unfortunately, I cannot meet with you on the day and time indicated in your letter. Please advise me of an alternate day and time that you would like to meet. I will appear at that time and we can pursue resolution of your questions. Please direct all future communications related to this subject to me via the contact information provided on this letter."

    I am sure that the BOE will be instructed by the legal Dep't to drop the matter and not pursue. The BOE will also be afraid to say anything other than hello to you. At this point you are free not to return to the KH, or attend as you wish and not be bothered by the matter any longer as long as you keep your mouth shut and don't force their hand.

    Nobody likes dealing with Lawyers/Law suits and the time and expense that goes along with it even if the Law suits are not real but just a possibility. The WTB&TS doesn't want to spend $$$ dealing with the legal cost of investigating and prosecuting personal indiscretions which do not threaten the congregation as a whole.

  • oppostate
    I don't think I've ever heard of their sending you a letter for a JC, usually you'll get told verbally.
  • _Morpheus

    Doc and dozy are 100% correct. There is no sure fire way out of it once the committee is formed. Locally a young man threatned suicide. I had no reason to believe he was faking it since he is still a witness even now. The chairman and I called the branch. We were directed to legal. They asked a few questions and ended with "we have no objection to the committee proceeding". Direct quote. I have it written down.

    As for the recording aspect, i never had anyone specifically ask to record but we would have declined. If they insisted we simply would not have meet with them and taken their refusal to meet without recording it as evida ce that they wernt of right heart condition and DF'd them.

    I would give anything a shot, theres no harm, but dont hold any great hope on it. The best answer is to not admit anything that would get you in front of one if that is important to you.

  • kairos
    These replies are fantastic. I hope it helps someone.
  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    I don't think I've ever heard of their sending you a letter for a JC, usually you'll get told verbally.

    Believe it or not at one time Watchtower recommended elders issue written invitation to the judicial committee event rather than doing so verbally.

  • pbrow

    "you will have my resignation letter before the end of the week" = true freedom

    Never look back


  • 3rdgen

    Gone for good,


    EXACTLY!!! Hubby and I have given this a lot of thought. It is in our personal best interests not to be DFed so we simply won't allow it.

    Even though elders are often pompous windbags and sometimes bullies they still have to come home to their wives and children. Paint them a clear picture verbally how their actions against you will affect not only them but their families. Some possibilities: Putting a lien on their Real Estate, which ruins a credit rating. Forcing a sale or loan of Real or Personal property to pay for your judgement against them, or a good old fashioned cash payout depleting their savings. Use your imagination. Have them picture their wives shrieking at them because they have to move into a hovel because they took you on. :)

  • sparrowdown

    This religion is so goddamn ridiculous - even serial killers have to be proven to be serial killers before they can be charged and are entitled to the best defense attorneys they can afford!

    Impractical suggestion I know, but, I wish everyone who decides to walk away would just tell them to f-off!

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