Attitudes of WT Society Leaders Towards " Rights " of Child Abuse Victims and Elders

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  • flipper

    These excerpts I'm sharing with you are from the July 1st, 1989 letter from the WT Society to the elders and it gives outsiders a good idea of the attitude of the WT Society leaders towards child abuse victims and even towards their own appointed elders. And it shows WT Society is first, foremost, and mainly concerned about financial fallout from potential lawsuits. One short quote was used from this letter on the ABC News Nightline report about Candace Conti - but what I'm going to share with you will be OTHER excerpts from that same letter that are just as, or even more revealing.

    On pg. 2 of this letter it starts out talking about threats of lawsuits in regards to child abuse it states, " In recent years , this matter has come to be a cause for increasing concern. The spirit of the world has sensitized people regarding their legal " rights " and the legal means by which they can exact punishment if such " rights " are violated. Hence a growing number of vindictive or disgruntled ones , as well as opposers , have initiated lawsuits to inflict financial penalties on the individual, the congregation, or the Society. Many of these lawsuits are the result of the misuse of the tongue. As elders , remember that ill-advised statements or actions on your part can sometimes be interpreted legally as violating others " rights ". "

    It continues, " The legal consequences of a breach of confidentiality by elders can be substantial . If the elders fail to follow the Society's direction carefully in handling confidential matters, such mistakes could result in successful litigation by those offended. Substantial monetary damages could be assessed against the elders or the congregation . In some cases where the authorities are involved, certain complications could lead to a fine or imprisonment. These possibilities underscore the need for elders to be discerning and follow carefully directions provided by the Society. "

    So- Basically the WT Society is claiming that people who are suing the WT Society are either "disgruntled " , " vindictive ", or " opposers " - making it seem that the VICTIMS who are suing the WT Society are in the wrong. Never will the WT Society admit fault, not even to the elders in confidential letters like this. So the elders are being controlled or manipulated by WT direction to see right out of the gate that if a victim of child molestation is pursuing a lawsuit- the VICTIM is the bad person - NOT the perpetrator. The term the victims " rights " has quotation marks around it indicating a sarcasm as if they are supposed rights, or imagined rights, not really " rights " at all in the WT Society's eyes.

    And in the second paragraph it's basically a veiled threat from the WT Society to appointed elders that it's THEIR mouths breaking confidentiality or not keeping quiet about even possible illegal allegations that could get the authorities involved - resulting in fines, lawsuits, or imprisonment of WT officials or elders.

    So- Bottom line is the WT leaders take NO RESPONSIBILITY for their OWN actions regarding lawless activity, whether it be child abuse or any other illegal activity. WT leaders have NEVER taken responsibility. It's always the child abuse victims " vindictiveness " or the elders " loose mouths " revealing confidential talk ( translation - exposing child abuse to authorities ) that can get the WT Society into hot water with the law authorities.

    It's high time to get the word out that the WT Society plays the " blame ' game and is irresponsible in it's child abuse policies which destroy elders lives and child abuse victims lives. And the elders are just used as puppets to crush the child abuse victims rights and the WT Society comes out smelling like a rose because of using all of these people to cover up where the blame should really go- against WT Society leaders and policy makers.

    Spread the word. As always I look forward to your views and comments. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • freemindfade

    putting myself in my cult indoctrinated families shoes, I know how their warped minds work. If anyone sued gods organization, even if they were harmed, well thats just wrong, they must be opposers.

    It's disgusting, but in the mind of most R&F they feel this demonstrates that person now doesn't believe its god's true organization if they would sue it... that means they are an apostate... that means they are worse than the person who molested them...


  • sparrowdown

    Classic cult propoganda - "anyone not for us, is against us.

    It seems that along with the cry-babies who claim to have had their rights violated by being abused, they identify blabbermouth elders as being the weakest link. Ironically the same qualified- to-deal-with-squat- elders HQ would have rubber stamped for appointment.

    What a cruel farce this religion is.

  • gone for good
    gone for good other words...

    - lawyers are great! (we've got scores of them working for us) Lawyers who help others - not so great at all.

    - ''authorities'' = ''complications'' when you are trying to completely hide ''.. a cause for increasing concern.''

    - we really hate ''...successful litigation by those offended.''

  • zeb

    There can be no doubts anymore that the wts was expecting (1989) and since proven the coming rush of a sunami of law suits for failing in their duty of care towards the victims of abuse.

    The calling for money money and more money since is a further indication of this. The day any government or alliance of govts make serious moves against the wts they will have the gall to scream persecution while throwing their rank and file against the guns.

    I ponder also all villains foul whether Hitler or many since have their 'bolt-hole' where is the bunker the gb have built for themselves is it the new palace in NY state or some where else?

  • flipper

    Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated !

    FREEMINDFADE- You make a good point. Isn't it amazing that someone who would suffer being abused sexually while a minor child - could be looked at with scorn from members of the congregation for suing the WT Society for damages -especially when WT Society is liable. So yeah- the child molesters themselves would be looked upon as more acceptable to WT leaders than a publisher who sued the WT Society. That is pretty twisted.

    SPARROWDOWN- Exactly. The religion is a farce indeed. WT leaders play the blame game all the time never taking responsibility for anything. Child abuse victims blamed, elders blamed - as you mention everybody is coerced with the thought , " anyone not for us , is against us. "

    GONE FOR GOOD- Very well put. WT Society can't stand the fact that they are losing these lawsuits and paying out millions $$ on child abuse lawsuits. Authorities ARE a " complication " to the WT leaders when they are trying to hide criminal conduct. And they have a lot to hide pretty obviously

  • flipper
    ZEB- I agree with you. It certainly DOES appear that even back in 1989 the WT leaders were expecting a tidal wave of child abuse lawsuits due to their irresponsible child abuse policies. And what's weird is all they would have had to do is just advocate for the children instead of protecting pedophiles, go straight to the police, make stricter rules in the organization against child molesters, but as you say the immortal dollar, money was more important. I don't know about the underground bunker thing- but I agree the WT Society will throw the rank & file JW's under the bus if these child abuse cases break the WT Society financially. I think they have billions $$$ still available to them. They're gonna need it
  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman
    I actually think what they wrote was solid legal advice.
  • OnTheWayOut
    Many of these lawsuits are the result of the misuse of the tongue.

    Man, don't even get me started on how that double entendre is SO TRUE IN THE CASE OF PEDOPHILES. It's not a laughing matter, but I only wish they could stop and laugh at their own past misstatements.

    "The legal consequences of a breach of confidentiality by elders can be substantial . If the elders fail to follow the Society's direction carefully in handling confidential matters, such mistakes could result in successful litigation by those offended."

    And sometimes, just contacting the Society (as YOU ARE ALWAYS DIRECTED TO DO) can be a breach of confidentiality. This smacks of insisting on telling Headquarters about a crime, but also insisting on not warning the congregation.

  • Giordano

    I actually think what they wrote was solid legal advice.

    Not when you consider that they did not advise the Elders to bring the claim to the authorities immediately and let a proper investigation determine the facts. Instead they asked the Elder's to stonewall keep it all hushed up.

    The Society has been settling out of court to avoid the publicity. The Condi case is the first really public case that has displayed the ignorance and foolishness of the WTBTS.

    With their two witness rule for child abuse a KH is an open range for hunting children.

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