Attitudes of WT Society Leaders Towards " Rights " of Child Abuse Victims and Elders

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  • Vidiot

    The simple fact that they put quotations around the word "rights" should be enough to set off the authoritarian-regime warning bells...


    ...because authoritarian regimes don't really believe that their subjects should have rights.


    The irony of the WTS's history of fighting in secular courts for "religious rights" practically thumps you over the head once you realize it.

  • flipper

    FISHERMAN- Yeah, you got it right big boy. The MAJORITY of people's conclusions.

    VIDIOT- Good point. Authoritative regimes don't believe people should have rights indeed. Very ironic that the WT Society has gone to court for religious rights for themselves- yet they oppress their own JW members. Very ironic as you say

  • Fisherman

    big boy

    What you seem to be representing from the start is that you believe the end from the beginning and what you claim makes you right is not only because you believe it but because others have the same views too. For 100 (not 18) years, the watchtower buildings have been towering over the nearby Court structures and the majority of buildings from Wilson to Court (streets) in Kings county, I have seen. Everyone, ( not only a majority )-not just the judges and the lawyers- must view them when coming or going to Court. A minority may or may not "whistle Dixie" (and look away) at the beginning when they arrive or at the conclusion.

  • 3rdgen

    Another aspect to consider: The WTBT$ has been threatened and sued by perps who want to keep their names and deeds secret. These criminals know ALL of their rights and exploit them to the full.

  • flipper

    FISHERMAN- You make absolutely no sense. I don't know what the hell you are trying to say. But whatever it is - carry on with whatever makes you feel comfortable. I'll carry on with the important message in this thread.

    3RDGEN- Good point. I'm sure the perpetrators sue as well . But hopefully they won't get much if anything and get their due reward in prison

  • flipper
    Wife and I are going out of town today so since we have some newer members on the board who might not understand why vitriol occurs towards WT leaders- this is an example of why that anger continues. Feel free to express comments

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